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October Story - Sophie's Harvest Full Moon Walk

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'Apples, Pumpkins, Carrot Pie'
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Autumn Events 2016

Exploring the Early Childhood Autumn Season Through Story and Puppetry - a professional development workshop
October 1 and 2nd, Boulder, CO

Join us for this creative and practical 'mini puppetry boot camp', developing stories and puppets for our classrooms and home.  The concentration will be on magical and meaningful Autumn puppet shows.  We will dye multicolored overdyed Autumn silks, make puppets, and a felted story backdrop, work on our story voices, and make joy.  Small group - register early.

The Art and Magic of the Rod Puppet for ECE
Professional Development Course
Creating an Autumn Pixie and Working with Artistry of Movement
For Magical Storytelling.
Boulder CO, November 5,6 2016
Click Here for info and registration

Our Story of the Month - October

Sophie's Harvest Full Moon Walk

Sophie loved October.  Tonight was the family Harvest Full Moon Walk.  It was time to finish all the harvesting in the farm garden today! Baskets were out everywhere being filled with carrots, beets, cabbages and beans.  Under the fruit trees more baskets were piling up with apples, pears, and plums.

Sophie wanted to help, so she went to pick round purple plums.  
Pluck pluckity pluck, from the tree branches, into the basket. They fit perfect and warm in her small hands.  She sang a little song as she picked the sweet fruit.

'Hop little plum purple and round,
Into the basket and not on the ground,
Picking and plucking you from the plum tree,
The ones on the ground are for squirrels not me!'

Sophie giggled as she sat on a low branch of the tree eating a ripe plum, then picked two plums for the harvest basket.  Squirrels scurried here and there nibbling plums that had fallen on the ground.

All day long Papa, Mama, and Sophie gathered in the harvest.  Sophie asked Papa, 'when is our Harvest Full Moon Walk'?

'After we finish the harvest,' Papa said.

Ten minutes later she asked him again, then ten minutes later, again and again.

Papa knew how much Sophie loved their Harvest Full Moon Walk and finally he stopped his work, sat next to her, help her on his lap and said, ' Sophie, when all the apples, plums, and pears are gently laid in baskets and set in neat rows in the root cellar.  When all the carrots, beets, cabbages  and beans are picked and washed and ready to put by, only then will we be ready for our family night walk.'

They picked and they pulled.  They pushed and they plucked.  They filled so many baskets and carried them one by one to the root cellar to keep them fresh for winter eating.  Mama and Sophie washed the vegetables and put them on the big kitchen counter to dry.  Tomorrow they would do all the canning and make lots of plum jam.  Mmmmm, Sophie's favorite!

At last all the work was done.  Sophie ran to the window and looked out.  The Harvest Full Moon was rising in the night sky, shining so brightly it was almost like day.  Mama packed a supper picnic and Papa carried a blanket to sit on.  Outside, Sophie looked up at the moon.  She could see the old man moon smiling at her.  She took Papa's hand and laughed as they walked along the path to the top of the hill.  The leaves were dry and as they walked on them the went crunch, crunch, crunchity crunch.  Their sounds seemed louder in the stillness of night.  Sophie took a deep breath, oh how Autumn smelled sweet and crisp.

Suddenly, SWOOOP, SWOOOOP, WHOOOO.  A loud noise woke up the quiet night.  Sophie squeezed Papa's hand.

SWOOOP, SWOOOOP, WHOOOO, sounded over her head again.  She squeezed her Papa's hand harder!

'It's only the owl, Sophie,' Papa told her.  'He wakes up and flies in the night.  I am sure he is wondering what WE are doing here!'

Sophie watched as the moonlight lit up owl's wings as he flew by again.  'SWOOOP, SWOOOOP, WHOOOO.

Now Sophie laughed and called back, ' who whoo, who whoo,' jumping up and down, feeling much braver.

Up the hill they went, to the very top.  Papa spread the blanket and Mama set out their night picnic.  Sophie thought nothing could be more fun than eating outside under a full moon that was so close it felt like you could touch it.

Mama had made plum muffins for dessert.  As Sophie munched hers, she listened to the night sounds.  She yawned and snuggled up on her Papa's lap. She was sure she could hear old man moon singing to her.  

'I shine on the world in the dark of night,
Sharing my magical moonlit light.
The night turns to day
In a wonderful way.
Come children, come play,
Come play.'

Next thing Sophie knew she was waking up in her bed, and it was the next morning!  She ran to the kitchen which already smelled yummy.  

'Good morning sleepy head,' said Mama and Papa.  'Have some toast and fresh plum jam!'

Sophie smiled.  She loved Harvest time, she loved the Harvest Full Moon Walk, and she loved plum jam best of all.

The End

xox  Thank you all for your loving support!


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