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October Story- The Harvest Apron

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Summer 2015 West Coast Puppetry Conference!!!
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October 2013 Workshops

October 11-14  2013 NYC Workshop For All
Touched Into Being - The Mother Archetype
Creating Mother Rod Puppets

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October 18-20   Kimberton, PA
The Mystery of Language Development 
and how Story and Puppetry Support Speech

October    Buffalo NY
An open session for all in the Lifeways Training
Language Development, Story, Puppetry

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Nov. 8,9,10 - Fair Oaks. CA
Western States ECE Conference - presenter

Nov 11,12 - Fair Oaks, CA
The Art of the Story Apron - FULL
Rudolf Steiner College

Dec. 7,8  Vancouver, BC
ECE Puppetry - Theme TBA

Jan. 11,12 Santa FE, NM
The Wisdom of the Grandmother Rod Puppet

Feb. 7,8,9 East Coast ECE Conference = presenter
Spring Valley, NY

Feb. 15,16 - Sacramento CA - Pre-conference Workshop
A New and Creative Art of Puppet Staging and
Magical Backdrops!!

NEW SERIES!  Certificate Puppetry Training
June 28 -July 10 2014 - Part one of 3
West Coast Location - Details TBA

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October 2013 story 

The Harvest Apron

Down a dusty lane, where the road ends by a large willow tree,
there is a cottage surrounded by hollyhocks, roses, and sweet
honeysuckle.  It is a farm cottage where farmer John, his wife
farmer Jenny, and their little boy, farm boy Tommy live.

All around the house are fields of corn, beans, and barley. 
Behind the house is the big kitchen garden, full of
vegetables to eat, fresh and oh so tasty.

All summer long, mama Jenny and Tommy worked
in the kitchen garden planting and weeding, and caring
for the growing plants.  When autumn came, Mama said,
“Tommy, now we can harvest our fine vegetables. 
It’s time to start picking!” They started with the beans,
and sang as they worked.

‘Pick a bean, pick a bean,

Hold it in your hand.

This is the bounty,

The gifts from the land.’

As they worked Mama noticed how small Tommy’s
hands were.  It was hard to hold a lot of beans in a little hand. 
“Tommy,” Mama said, “you need a harvest apron, with pockets
to hold the beans, peas, carrots and little cucumbers! 
I will make you one tonight!”

That evening after Tommy went to sleep, Mama started
sewing a cotton apron.  Then she pulled out her basket
of scraps and found orange, brown, green, blue, and yellow
felt pieces.  She cut out the shapes and started to sew
on the garden pockets.  She sewed them on good and strong. 
As she sewed, she smiled.  It was a jolly apron.  She knew
Tommy would love wearing it.  There was yellow for the
golden sun shining in the autumn sky.  She added a little
blue because the sky was so very blue in the fall.  Then she
made orange pumpkin pockets with brown stems, and lots of
green leaves on the vine.  Pumpkins were Tommy’s favorite vegetable! 
The pockets were big enough to hold lots of beans and other
small vegetables.

She hung the apron on Tommy’s breakfast chair so he would find
it first thing in the morning.  Tommy came running down the stairs
for breakfast, and when he found the apron, he put it on at once.
“Look mama, I’m a real farmer now,” said Tommy.  “I will carry so
many vegetables!”

After breakfast, Tommy could hardly wait to go to the garden. 
He set to work right away.

“Pick a bean, pick a pea,

Fill my pockets to the top.

Pick a pea, pick a carrot,

I will never want to stop!”

Tommy loved his harvest apron and wore it every morning
when it was garden time.  Then he would hang it on a hook 
in the garden shed.  It was so cheerful and colorful, just like
the garden.

One day it rained, the winds blew colder, and Tommy and his
Mama stayed inside and made vegetable soup.  “Before you know it,
winter will be here,” said Mama.  “We will pick the rest of the garden
tomorrow.  We don’t want old Jackie Frost dancing in our garden yet!”

But the next day was even colder.  Mama and Tommy put on their
coats and hats and took old wool blankets out to cover the pumpkins. 
“Even our friends the pumpkins need a winter coat,” Mama told Tommy.

When Tommy went into the garden shed to put on his apron, he
noticed one of the pockets was full of straw and leaves, and looked
very full.  He quietly peeked in the pocket, and saw a wee little
mouse curled up fast asleep.  He ran and called Mama,
“come quick, come quick!”

Mama followed Tommy into the shed and saw the little mouse
cozy and warm in the pocket house.  She smiled.  “Oh Tommy,
that is a sure sign of autumn ending!  This little mouse has found
his winter house.  Let’s let him sleep and be safe from winter’s cold. 
Your harvest apron is now an apron hotel!”

They quietly closed the garden shed door, and Mama
shared her garden basket with Tommy.  They finished
picking the garden.

That night, old Jackie Frost did dance in the garden. 
The pumpkins were cozy under the old blankets,
waiting to become Halloween jack-o-lanterns and thanksgiving pies.

And now and then, through the coming winter days, Tommy
would tiptoe into the garden shed, and make sure the little
mouse was well and happy in his winter home.  Sometimes he
quietly sang a little song.

‘Straw and leaf have made a nest

In my apron pocket deep.

Little mouse is fast asleep

Ready for his winter’s sleep.’


The End



Blessings to you as we watch Autumn unfold.

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