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May Story Poem - Little Skunk and the Cherry Tree House

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From the Kelowna B.C. Regional Workshop
on The Wise Grandmother Rod Puppet

therapeutic insights on the Mother
Archetype - The Rod Puppet 
Puppetry Training part 2 session

New Kit!  Swan Mama and Baby Finger Puppet Story Kit 
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'Old Gnome Through The Year'
12 Adventures - One For Each Month Of The Year
plus Needle-Felting Instructions for Making Old Gnome Table Puppet!
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 'Spring Tales' for Early Childhood
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New - Certificate Puppetry Training 2014/15
West Coast 
Location Santa Cruz, CA
Part one (of 3) begins June 28 - July 10
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Taking applications Now (hurry, almost full)

The Art and Wisdom of Table Puppetry

Event  Highlights !!!  Coming in June

June 9 - 13 2014  - Alaska Regional ECE puppetry workshop
a 5 day immersion in puppet theater for early childhood - Palmer, Alaska

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spring story apron lineup - the wonderful story/puppet theater for early childhood!

Planning Ahead Events Summer

June 28 - July 10 New Series Begins
Certificate Puppetry Training 
Santa Cruz, CA -  Part 1 - Theme pedagogical puppetry

July 24 - August 5  -  Certificate Puppetry Training Part 3
Keene NH - FULL

theme  - Artistic Puppetry Fairy Tales and Marionette Theater

for information and registration.

(Keep your eye on this monthly newsletter, as I will be adding new workshops
and weekend courses)

May Story Poem

Little Skunk and the Cherry Tree House
( a wee story poem for puppetry from our Spring Tales book)

Early one morning when dew's on the grass,
A wee little skunk went walking past,
Right by the cherry tree ever so slow,
Looking for cherries that fell below.

He stopped for a nibble, a breakfast, a munch,
Oh yummy, I bet he'll be back for some lunch!

When it was mid day, the sun high in the sky,
I couldn't believe what I saw walking by.

Skunk and his friends had come for tea,
Under the bountiful cherry tree!

There was rabbit, and hedgehog, turtle and mouse,
Why they might just stay and make it their house!

 The End


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Suzanne Down
Juniper Tree School of Story and Puppetry Arts



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