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Summer Events
Story Theme - Stories to tell outside

June Story -  Ladybug Tales
Story Craft -
  Making a ladybug lap puppet
PuppetAid Monthly Idea - Summer Puppet Camps
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Summer  2011 Workshops

New Series:  Certificate Puppetry Training
a 3 session training begins July 29-Aug. 10,  2011 held in
Boulder, CO.  click here for info.



Summer Workshop Tour
    Elements of Therapeutic ECE
    Touched Into Being - the Mother Archetype
    and creating a Mother/baby rod puppet

    click here for details

Dates for the summer workshop tour

Mill Valley, CA (Marin County)   June 19, 20, 21
Santa Cruz, CA                          June 23, 24, 25
Portland, OR                              July 2, 3, 4
Boulder, CO                               July 22, 23, 24

Contact for information and registration.

Story theme:
Telling Stories Outside

One of the reasons we tell stories to young children is to help them
connect to the world around them, their family life, community life,
and very importantly, the natural world.

I like to use nature as my puppet stage, and summer is a wonderful,
colorful season to inspire your storytelling outside.

You can adapt this month's story to your own area's landscape. 
What do you find in a meadow of wildflowers there?  You can easily
change the 'view' or the village of flowers to suit what you have before
you.  Use your ladybug puppet to bring the visual movement to the tale. 
The children will forever more see a field of flowers in a new light. 
Model wonder!

  June Story - Ladybug Tales

One  lovely summery day, there was a field of yellow flowers.
They had yellow petals with golden centers, like little suns. 
But one flower had a red center with black polka dots.  All the other
flowers looked at her and laughed.  They thought she was so ugly as
they all swayed in the breeze.

What they did not know was, a little ladybug had flown in the night
looking for a soft bed to rest on and had chosen the flower with the
softest, nicest center.

It was so cozy on the flower bed, that the ladybug decided to stay. 
He flew away to explore the world each day.  And he flew back at the
end of each day.  He always rested on the same soft flower.  Then he
told his flower about all the things he had seen.

Now all the others flowers started to wish the ladybug had picked them
to rest on.  They leaned closer to listen as he started to tell his tale.

"As I flew out one fine summer day
This is what I saw along the way.
I passed a field of grasshoppers playing their fiddles,
hey diddle hey diddle hey diddle ho hey!

I stopped to listen and sway and swoon,
I danced and danced to the sweet little tune,
hey diddle hey diddle hey diddle ho hey!

I thanked them all kindly, and then flew so free
and saw a flock of birds sitting high on a tree.
they sang and they sang and they sang once more
tra lee tra lu tra lee lee lee

One let me sit on his back as he flew,
 and did what for birds is natural and true;
in and out,
in and out
he dove here and there
catching flies in the air.

tra lee tra lu tra lee lee lee
They sang, it seemed, to me."

As Ladybug finished telling his flower the tale of the day's
adventures, he saw all the golden faces looking at him
and listening.

'Time for bed' he said, and he settled on the plump, soft flower
center, and all the flowers sighed as the night blanket covered
them snug and safe.

Ladybug stayed all summer long in that field of sunny flowers. 
And he told many stories to them of the world just past the meadowland.

The end

Story Craft - Making a Ladybug Lap Puppet

Basic Instructions: for a small ladybug
1. roll a fluff of red wool into a ball between your palms.
2. needlefelt this to hold a rounded shape, flat bottom
3. roll a small amount of blackwool to pre-felt it in your palms
4. shape this into a small rounded triangle with your fingers, to fit the size
    of your red bug body.
5. smooth the back wool over the 'head' of the bug body, needlefelt it
    to form and hold it's shape.
6. roll a few black fibers between your fingers to make tiny balls, needlefelt
    them around the edges to the bug body.
7. needlefelt a subtle line of black down the middle of the body to indicate the two wings.
8. Optional:  roll a thin thin short line of fiber and needle it in the middle to
     become antennae.

Hold your ladybug with a pinch of 2 fingers, and fold in your other fingers
so you don't hide the lady bug from view. 

Think light flight, it is a summery airy ladybug


Monthly ideas and suggestions on how puppetry can help the world
 and your community.

Children's Summer Outdoor Puppet Camps for:
1. Children at Risk
2. Grief Camps
3. Cancer Camps
4. Special Needs
Joyful, heartfelt, and nature guided!

Please visit our book selection on the Juniper Tree Puppets Website
to see the full selection of puppet resource books
Contact for book order info.
Now shipping for the spring season.


1. is newly updated with events for 2011
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2.  Join Juniper Tree Puppets facebook page for lots of resources
3.  The next Lifeways Training Boulder, CO location begins August 12 2011
      Lifeways Rocky Mountain Facebook Page
      Suzanne Down - Director, Lifeways Boulder, CO
4.  Announcing an Advanced Therapeutic ECE certificate program beginning
     July 10-15 2011 in Denver!  A therapeutic training with core faculty: Nancy Blanning,
     Laurie Clark, Suzanne Down, and Dr. Adam Blanning. 
5.  Announcing The Larkspur School of Felting Arts - Boulder, CO -
     Save the Dates: 
     August 26, 27, 28 First Annual Felting Festival - more info soon!

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Blessings to you as summer days warm you.

Thank you for your support!

I love to hear from you, please feel free to contact me anytime with questions about
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