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APRIL STORY -  Little Mud Boy 

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A delightful collection of sweet spring tales and poem 
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Fairy Cradle, The PussyWillow Fairy,  A leprechaun Tale 
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Hickety Pickety  Nursery Rhyme Story  Set
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May 20/21 Spring in Davis, California - a Mini Puppet Boot Camp 

A rare event outside Colorado- a weekend puppet intensive!  
We will dye puppet silks -using a multi colored/overdyeing method, create
a spring story landscape needlefelted backdrop for our puppet tables,
and the characters for a magical sweet tale - The Fairy Cradle.  
Stay tuned for more details.

YIPPEE - the Annual 5 day Puppet Boot Camp near Boulder, CO June 23-27 2017

A very popular puppet intensive, creative, practical, and loads of fun!  This year's dates are June 23-27 2017 - This year we will focus on the Art of the Rod Puppet, Protection Story Development, and bringing Therapeutic Breath into story with marionettes that move in the element of 'Air' - lots of hands-on puppet making and story presentation, story voice, puppet gesture, and enormous fun!  Register Early!!! numbers limited.

A Year of Writing Program Rocky Mountains!
A new cycle begins!

Walkabout Tales - writing children's stories in nature
August 5-8 2027


A new course begins - summer 2017  A Rocky Mountain 'Year of Writing' Program'  Walkabout Tales - writing  children's stories inspired by nature - we meet 4 days summers 2017/18 with a year of monthly mentoring, assignments, cheerleading in between!  Begins August 5-8 2017  numbers limited, early registration recommended

The next Certificate Puppetry Training Course begins summer 2018 in Boulder CO!  We meet 2 weeks for 2 summers 2018/19 with 10 months in between of mentoring, assignments, inspiration to deepen the work.

The Current  Certificate Puppetry Training Group meets in July 8-18 2017 - final session!  Theme:  Fairy Tales and Marionette Presentation!


Our April Story:  Little Mud Boy

Early one morning, a surprise spring snow fell over cattail pond,
and with it came a white quiet.  Soft brown earth polka-dotted the
snowy landscape where Little Mud Boy was just waking up.

'What is this?' He looked out and laughed at the big snowflakes falling
on his wet earthy home.  'Spring is here, my friend Snow, Time for
you to melt and go,' he shouted into the air.

Splish, Splosh, Stamp, Stomp, Little Mud Boy's footprints made a
brown pathway in the snow as he made his way to find adventure!

Just then Dee Dee Chickadee flew out from under a bush.  'Good morning 
Little Mud Boy she sang.  'I am gathering straw and grasses to make my nest.

 May I use some of your squishy mud too?  It will help keep my nest sturdy
and strong.'

Little Mud Boy was happy to help dee dee.  He gathered a pile of mud and
brought it to the branch where she was building her nest.

'Thank you friend,' Dee Dee chirped!  'Time to weave together mud and straw
and grass and moss.  Spring is here!'

Little Mud Boy said goodbye and went off to see what else he could see.  

He  walked along toward the big oak tree and heard someone calling to him.  'Hello Little Mud Boy,' called a familiar voice!  It was White Cap the
Gnome. He was standing at his root door waving. 'Come join me for lunch

my friend,' White Cap invited Little Mud Boy.

 Mud boy loved to eat, so he gladly went into White Cap's house, through
the root door and down, down the long hallway into a big earth room lit
up cheerfully by lantern light.  There, a fine table was set with two big bark
bowls full of hot vegetable stew.  The friends sat down together, and White
Cap spoke quietly.

'Dear Mother Earth we thank you
For soil, root, seed and dew,
That bring us this meal we like to munch,
With joyful thanks for our tasty lunch!'

The two friends ate a hearty meal, and caught up with each others news.  
Little Mud Boy noticed in the far corner of the big room there were little beds where  seedling children and baby bulbs lay sound asleep.  

White Cap saw him looking at them and said, 'Ah, friend Mud Boy, it is time to wake up the spring flowers!  I have a favor to ask of you.  Will you help me get them ready for spring'?

Little Mud Boy was honored.  He had never been asked to help before.  This was important work!  'I will gladly help you, but why me?'

White Cap explained, 'this year with our late spring snow, Spring is slow to come.  The land is full of snow and mud, there is no one  better than you to help this year dear Mud Boy.  They can follow your brown earthy foot prints through the snow.'

Mud Boy beamed with pride.  He had not  known how useful he could be!
So Mud Boy and White Cap set to work gently waking up the sweet seedlings and baby bulbs, helping them dress in their spring gowns.  When all were ready, Mud Boy said, 'follow me!  follow me!  And one after the other they all lined up and followed him up the long hallway, through the open root door, and over the snowy ground.  Little Mud Boy's brown footprints did make it very clear indeed where to follow. 

And where did he lead them?  Violets he led to the meadow.  Daffodils to the willow tree, Crocus he led to the garden near the cottage by the pond.  All afternoon he led the spring flowers to each one's right spot.  When his work was done, like magic, the Sun came out from behind a cloud and shone on all the land.  Snow melted, grass greened, flowers opened, and bird's sang from their nests.  How Little Mud Boy loved Spring!

The End

xox  Thank you all for your loving support!


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