Chillingo's Master of Alchemy - Perfect Potion Contest

  Tweet Your Perfect Potion and Win a Flip Video Ultra HD Camcorder + the Copies of the Mystical New Puzzler

To celebrate the launch of Master of Alchemy with its stunning graphics on the iPhone 4 HD Retina Display,
we have created the Perfect Potion Competition

Enter to win a Flip Video Ultra High Definition Camcorder With 8GB Memory and a copy of Master of Alchemy for your iPhone and iPad!
  • Tweet your Perfect Potion and become the Master of Alchemy.  
  • We want to hear which two things in the world you would like to mix together to create the Perfect Potion.  
  • What would you create if you had the powers of a Master Alchemist?
  • Submit the craziest potions you can imagine!
  • Examples Below:
  • Combine Peanut Butter + Jelly = A Tasty PB&J Sandwich!  
  • An Old Boot + Toothbrush = Creates a Foot Cleaning Shoe
  • A Calculator + Parrot = Results in a Flying Sudoku Champion!  
  • The ZANIER the better!
Contest Instructions:
  1. Follow @chillingo on Twitter and re-tweet the competition tweet.  
  2. Send a second tweet including the competition {hashtag #pp1}
  3. *You can also submit entries on Chillingo’s Facebook wall:  
  4. You can enter up to 5 ideas but the format should be: “{#pp1: Item 1 + Item 2 = Description of Perfect Potion}
  5. Contest Starts TODAY and ENDS on August 12.
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