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20% Off Bird Feeders & 15% Off Bird Seed

Now on sale - many styles of bird feeders plus bird seed to attact a variety of birds.  We also have unique bird houses, bird baths and bath heaters.
Some Bird Watching Tips:
1. Place your bird feeders and bird baths where you can easily see them.
2. Black-oil sunflower seeds in a tubular feeder is a simple way to attract many birds.
3. Add a water source and multiple food options such as suet and fruit to attract a greater variety of birds especially in the winter.
4. Make your yard safe for birds by creating a good habitat that includes bird houses and bird friendly plants and bushes.

Bird Seed Selection

According to the National
Bird Feeding Society
, birds are most attracted to these four types of bird feed:
~ Black-oil sunflower
~ Nyjer®(thistle)
~ Sunflower hearts
~ White proso millet

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Bird Baths

Keep water readily available this winter; add one of our heaters to your bird bath.

Please remember:
February is National Bird-Feeding Month!

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