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We Sell Neuman Artificial Trees & Wreaths
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     * Unlighted
     * High Quality
     * Unique Designs
     * 10 Year Warranty
* Over 40 years in business
Neuman Trees & Warranty

Now is the time to prepare your garden for a long winter's sleep and encourage strong growth and spring color.

November Gardening Tips:
- Cut Back Perennials
- Protect Broad Leaf Evergreens from dehydration with Wilt Stop spray.
- Fall Fertilizing will encourage spring growth.  We recommend Espoma products.
- Cut Back and Protect the Crowns of Roses with Warp's Rose Collars.
- Fall Lawn Fertilizer Application will promote root growth and early greening in the spring. 

Happy Halloween!

Don't Let Your Yard Turn Frightful!

Winterize Your Roses
Place rose collars around the base of your rose bushes to protect them from harsh winter conditions.  In the spring, Warp's open top design and white color reflect sun to prevent premature sprouting.

Winterize Your Plants
Protect your favorite evergreen and ornamental shrubs this winter with Wilt-Pruf: a natural pine emulsion.  Wilt-Pruf forms a protective coating on foliage and helps reduce moisture loss when plants are under water stess. 
Spray on fresh Christmas trees and wreaths to reduce moisture loss and to slow needle drop.

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