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The Romence of Gardening...

As Father's Day approaches, many of us pause to reflect on our own childhood and think about the influence our fathers had on our lives.  This is certainly true for us at Romence Gardens.  As fourth generation Romences' in the plant business, we have worked side by side with our father, Bob, growing up in the business like he did; proud of our heritage.  We are so thankful to our great grandfather, Cornelius, and  our father, Bob, for the business they established and for the inspiration we have received.  Although a small part of the big picture, we truly feel our business makes a difference in people's lives and the environment.  So, we want to take this time to say a heartfelt Thank You to our families and customers for allowing us The Romence of Gardening...

Father's Day Gift Ideas:
Bird Baths & Feeders
Garden Bench & Table
Stepping Stones
Gazing Globes
Trellis & Fountains
Clocks & Wind Chimes

Shade & Ornamental Trees
Trees, shrubs, and perennials can be planted all summer long.  Why not share a day of gardening with your father this year?  Or perhaps plant a tree or shrub in his memory.  Now is a good time for planting fruit trees and to finish planting your vegetable garden, patio containers and hanging baskets.   June is a lovely time of the year in the garden so don't forget to invite your friends over and sit back and enjoy!

~ Beautiful Annuals ~
Container gardens make great gifts.   Brighten a patio with flowers and contrasting foliage.

We Still Have Many
Roses, Hostas, & Perennials Available!

Create a garden landscape in a planter!

Have a landscape idea,
but just need a little help getting started?  Visit or
call us for design and plant suggestions.

Our Great Grandfather &
Founder of Romence Gardens,
Cornelius Romence


We love plants and we love our customers!
The Romence Family
 Shelley & DJ
Bob, Jeff & Joe

Improve your Mood & Environment...
Plant Something!


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