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Lawn Fertilizer Programs
March is here!  It is time to buy early and save.  We have great prices all spring, but buy now through March 29th for the greatest savings.  Only our fertilizer, available exclusively at Romence Gardens, is formulated for the soils in Southwest Michigan.  Romence Gardens lawn fertilizers have a greater percentage of active fertilizer ingredients per square foot of coverage than the national brands.  We also package our special blends in generic bags, keeping production costs to a minimum, and passing on the savings to you.  More fertilizer in the bag means less cost to you!

Romence Gardens Lawn Fertilizer Program

Preparing Your Lawn

Now all of our lawn fertilizer is phosphate-free so you can safely use it on lake properties.  We offer two programs:
Basic 4-Step
Basic 5-Step
Place your order now to get the biggest savings!  And, for your convenience, we will store the fertilizer until you need it.

Spring Lawn Care
First Step: When the last of the snow has melted, rake your yard to remove leaf litter and to control thatch.

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Romence Gardens in Portage

Winter Pruning Tips

It is good to prune certain trees and shrubs in the winter while they are dormant.  Pruning to remove deadwood can also help to open the interior, providing better air circulation which can reduce the chance of fungal diseases.  Just remember not to remove more than 1/3 of the growth or you may stress the plant. 

If you have more questions about pruning or protecting your plants during late winter, please stop in and see us.

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Landscape Design, Installation and Plant Selection
Spring is right around the corner...really, it is!
Now is the time to start planning and designing your gardens.  Do you need help creating a new garden retreat?  We offer recommendations on plant selection and compatibility in addition to computerized imaging of your landscape ideas.  Schedule an appointment with Jeff Romence and let us help you bring your designs to life!

Did you know?  In addition to a great selection of annuals, we have one of the largest collections of perennials in southwest Michigan!  As some of you know, we are rebuilding our main greenhouse after it collapsed this winter
It has been a tough winter, but we will be ready - at the first sign of spring - with our usual lovely array of unique and healthy plants.

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