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Fruit Trees & Flowering Shrubs
     We have trees and shrubs in all shapes, sizes, and colors.  Pear, apple, peach, plum, and cherry trees give you beautiful blooms in the spring, plus shade and delicious fruit in the summer and fall.  Don't miss out on the benefits!  Come see our great selection of discounted fruit trees.

Improve your environment.........     Plant a Fruit Tree!

 Brown Grass Doesn't Always Equal Dead Grass
     If you aren't watering your lawn during this dry spell, your grass isn't dead, it is dormant.  As soon as it gets some water again, it will turn green...amazing isn't it?
     The best time to water your lawn and flower beds is early morning until noon.  Watering in the evening can cause fungus on your grass and plants.  If possible, mulch your flower beds to help roots retain moisture.

     Once you decide to start watering your grass again, you may apply fertilizer to help bring it out of dormancy.  Just remember, if you aren't able to water, don't apply fertilizer.

Oh Yes!
Take Advantage of our Mid-Summer Sales!

* 50% Off All Annuals
* 25% Off Fruit Trees
* 25% Off Rhododendrons
* 25% Off Azaleas
* 15% Off Bird Seed
* 20% Off Bird Feeders

During this drought and heat wave, remember to keep your plants watered, but be careful not to over-water.  If you aren't sure how much water your plants need or have received, check the soil.  Dig into the soil with a stick to see if the root area is moist.

* When planting trees and shrubs, don't forget to water, water, & water again.  Place a hose near the roots for a few minutes and just let the water soak down deep.

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