Avoid a Cruel Summer Lesson 13: Tweet, Tweet, Tweet
Lesson 13:
Tweet, Tweet, Tweet
The Opportunities Project
The world is bigger than the people you already know. You can create a whole new professional network using Twitter chats.

During Twitter chats, people congregate on Twitter at a designated time to talk about a topic and use a #hashtag to follow the conversation. There are Twitter chats for EVERY industry- photography, writing, nursing, PhD work- you name it.

Next Actions:

1. Check the global Twitter chat schedule for a chat that interests you.

2. Before the hour begins, load and enter the #hashtag for the chat.

Bonus: If you’re a jobseeker, please be my guest at the next #jobhuntchat on Monday at 10 PM ET. Tweet me at @oppsproject to let me know you’re coming. We make sure all our new tribe members feel like they belong.

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