What did you do that made you think "Maybe I can do this"?
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Hello Sean:

My name is Sean but you can call me Tucker. You may have signed up for my email list anywhere from a year ago to as recently as last week. Unfortunately I’ve been so busy making life enhancing products for you to enjoy I haven’t had a chance to put out a newsletter in all that time. OK, to be honest I was scared I wouldn’t have anything to talk about that you’d be interested in.

A lot has happened in the last year since I really started putting an effort into getting all my creative projects going. I've published my kids' book Going To The Zany Zoo and released my five song EP entitled Born To The World. Most recenly I’ve been working with a group of artists to create a series of ‘Dream Jars’ based on my song Girl All Alone. (I'll be taking photos of these fantastic pieces in the next few weeks so look for some photos next month.)

Recently, I posted a video on my YouTube channel where I share a few favourite quotes that I use to inspire myself. One feedback email I received had a very interesting point of view.

"Hi Tucker:

I just listened to your video blog!!
I really enjoyed it!  Good for you.  I enjoyed the quotes.
As I was listening to you talk about inspiring others with our action I realized that I inspire myself with my actions.

I am often amazed at what I have done in the name of my music.  If others happen to be inspired as well that is a bonus but it is certainly a positive impetus for myself to tackle difficult challenges and learn in the process …"

She's right of course. While it’s important to find strength in the actions and words of others it is equally important to find strength in your own successes.
3 inspiring quotes YouTube video.
watch the video

What success will you find your strength in? I've shared some of my successes with you so now it's your turn. Reply to this email and let me know a success of yours, big or small it doesn’t matter (I finally touched my toes today, I started my book, I did the dishes).

What did you do that made you think to yourself “Maybe I can do this”?

See you next month,


PS. I now offer a free download of my song Born To The World for signing up for my newsletter. If you signed up before the offer please reply to this email and I can send you a link to download the song.
"Almost In Love" as performed by Deanne Matley

Almost In Love

Calgary jazz artist Deanne Matley and her accompniast Bruce Petherick did an amazing version of my song "Almost In Love" on Deanne's debut album Stealin' Blue. You can listen to samples of her album at 
and listen to my version at 
The secret to getting good at things is to just keep doing them.

Secret To Success?

One of my most popular blog articles is about the secret to getting good at things. Spoiler Alert ... the answer is in the image above.

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