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November 2022

Papaji - Being Happy

Turning Within. Being Home. Finding Peace.

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Turning within

Impressions from the Meditation Weekend at Open Sky House Hitdorf
We had a wonderful Meditation Weekend. Everybody who came was touched and after two days of different Meditations and meetings with John David it was hard to leave. The openness of everyone was felt in the house. Its beautiful to see faces glowing with a fresh shine just after spending two days at Open Sky House. From this Monday until Sunday the silence continues in our helper week. 

Come and join us for a free volunteer week in 2023!

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We are an Essential Part of Nature, not superior or separate 

"There is the potential for us to connect to the Deep Peace inside and be ready to Accept each moment as it comes, to live in a Natural Flow, content with what is already there."

- John David -

The greatest challenge of our time is the climate crises. Already decades ago scientist, journalists, artists and other conscious people recognised the need for a drastic change both on the outside but perhaps more importantly on the inside. 

The reality of Climate Change is that unless we make Radical Changes, it may actually already be too late.
 We have pushed our Planet’s Ecosystem into a Tipping Point where it could easily collapse. What is most essential for saving the planet, and our future generations, is to develop Self-Awareness. This means to become fully Aware of our Inner Essential Nature which guides our Intentions and Actions.

The normalised condition of human beings today is the sense of lacking something, a sense of not being fulfilled. Out of this we develop all kinds of strategies to compensate, and our Modern Society is supporting these strategies: getting a a new car, new clothes, tasting new food or finding a new partner. 
This fuels our Consumer Culture where we consume far beyond our actual needs. We are destroying all-important parts of Nature such as the Amazon Rainforest for banana and coffee plantations, cattle farming and to get timber for our furniture. We pollute through our inefficient modes of transportation such as taking planes to distant locations to go for vacation, simply because we need a break from our Daily Life to escape stress and the sense of feeling incomplete. 
The direct solution is to become Aware of the Tendencies of the Mind which are activated when we feel a lack of something, and then fundamentally investigate this sense of unfulfillment. In this way we can actually discover a Deeper Place Inside, a source of Authentic Peace and Love. If we live from that place, we will not consume in a mindless manner or feel lost, but live with a sense of Compassion to the world around us and all other beings. Through this empowering Self-Knowledge changes can take place also on a collective level. 

Peter Beard 

An unusual photographer and observer

In a recent Zoom Meeting John David shared some inspiring anecdotes and insights of Peter Beard, a photographer who went to Kenya to photograph and study the African wildlife. What he witnessed was a fatal mismanagement of natural reserves by which thousands of elephants died due to starvation as their habitat was shrinked drastically. 

According to Peter, this fate of those elephants might be the fate of our species in the near future. With blunt honesty the photographer documents his time in Africa and the expression of the unconscious of humanity. 

John David on Climate Change 
Peter Beard on the End of the Game
A short documentary by Peter Beard shot in 1996. 
Open Sky House Spiritual Community to provide a fertile environment for people to develop a greater awareness

To support us all on this journey to our True Nature, we have created an Oasis: Open Sky House – a Space for Self-Discovery.

On this journey we need to confront strong things inside, often based on Traumatic Memories and connected with our ego survival mechanisms. Letting go of this is not easy, it makes us very vulnerable. Therefore, the support of an Unconditionally Loving and Caring Community of people provides vital help. 

This is what we urgently need; Healthy Communities of people to support Healthy Families and Healthy Children. Our Community is a beginning, an Oasis of Conscious Living rippling into the world. 

We hope our Spiritual Oasis will inspire and support more people to start this inner journey of Self-Discovery; for the sake of Yourself, the People around you and even our Planet itself. 

The Art of Honey 


4% Pollen – 2% Royal Jelly 2% Propolis – 92% Honey




This Packaging allows you to SQUEEZE a little bit of the mixture into the mouth to get an Instant Energy Boost. 


The rejuvenating effects of Propolis and Pollen have been know since the ancient time. Already in 3000 BC Greeks and Egyptians believed that gods create their salves and medicines from honey and propolis.

In their cultures bee products have been used to treat all kinds of ailments and the great Pharaohs have been conserved with propolis.

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The Construction continues. Our Guesthouse and Oasis is continuing to transform, growing in Capacity and beauty. The property still has many uncharted corners which we are gradually beautifying, such as the area under the pool which we transformed from a basic dormitory into three stylish guest rooms. 
Volunteer Handymen Welcome at Open Sky Villa Spain! 

Mongolian Yurts with Tropical outdoor Bathroom

Winter Retreat


with John David
23rd - 27th Dec 

Spend Christmas

in Silence and Community 

Nourish your Deepest Essence

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