7 Habits of Highly Effective Gym Members, and Pre-sale Convention Tickets
Stick Around
Strategies to keep your gym members motivated and maximise member revenue

Packed with tips and tricks on how you can implement simple retention processes within your facility. 

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"A really great book with so many useful ideas... I highly recommend Stick Around to all those working in Health & Fitness" - Paul Hurley


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September 2017 Newsletter

September brings an influx of new members (plus some ex-members re-joining, and a bunch of absentees returning). Find out how you can help them to make it work with our 7 habits of highly effective exercisers, below.

Data is the new oil; discover how to refine your membership data to improve sales and retention at the next Sales & Retention Convention. Pre-sale tickets now available... book yours now!


The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Gym Members

Sometimes we are trying to give up habits, whereas other times we’re trying to form or develop habits.

A favourite ‘management’ read is Stephen R. Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. Today, we’re talking about habits of new and regular gym goers, in particular those members who join and stick at it.

In the fitness industry, we often talk about ensuring people build the exercise habit, but what do we mean by this, and how do we measure how it is working?

Here's a list of the habits; please read, share, and comment on the full article on the GGFit blog.
  1. Visits
  2. Face-to-face interactions
  3. Regular programme reviews
  4. Classes
  5. Referrals
  6. Reading messages
  7. Feedback
Build these habits in your members and staff, and you will not only improve your member retention, but also make your club a happier place to work and visit.

You can read the full article here.

Pre-sale Convention Tickets

As a subscriber to the GGFit Newsletter, you have the first chance to buy the best priced tickets to the next Sales and Retention Convention.

The event focuses on Data as the New Oil.
  • You'll discover how to refine your membership data to improve your sales and retention.
  • Tap into renewables, finding out how to manage the leaving process and persuading ex-members to rejoin.
  • Learn how to handle an oil spill by planning for GDPR before the deadline of May 2018.

You'll hear from regular speakers Guy Griffiths and Dave Reeves, along with experts from ukactive, the DataHub and Databasix

The Autumn 2017 edition will take place on 14th November 2017 at the Warwickshire. Full price tickets from £125, limited pre-sale tickets at £85 available until Friday 15th September.

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