Four Free February Mini-masterclasses, e-learning & 4WQQ
Strategies to keep your gym members motivated and maximise member revenue

Packed with tips and tricks on how you can implement simple retention processes within your facility. 

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Amazon can deliver a hard copy next day for around £15, or you can order direct from Lulu.

"A really great book with so many useful ideas... I highly recommend Stick Around to all those working in Health & Fitness" - Paul Hurley


Retention: You Got Them - Retain Them by Don Suarez on Club Solutions

Over half of Brits don't know what to do in Gym in the Independent 

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February 2018 Newsletter

We'll keep this brief, because if you had a successful January, you should be even busier now!

Time is of the essence in February, which is why we're holding four 10 minute Member Retention Master-Classes (they're free). If you've got a couple more minutes, read on to find out about our e-learning offer, and Four Weeks to Quit Quitting.



This February, every Monday at 2pm, you can watch a 5-10 minute mini-masterclass on measuring and improving your new member engagement.

Each session will stream live on Crowdcast and Facebook, showing you what, why, and how to measure member engagement. You can catch-up later by registering for the session.
The simplest way to watch is on the GGFit Facebook page. But if you want to interact (live Q&A, catch-up, replay after each session) it's best to register on Crowdcast.

E-Learn 4 Business

If you want to improve customer service and retention in your club in 2018, then check out Elearn4business's online courses "Customer Service Excellence" and "Introduction to Retention" (written by GGFit).
You can buy either course off the shelf for £25 per user, or, for a limited time, you can license up to 50 concurrent users on both courses on a hosted platform for just £950 (Ts&Cs apply).

Click here to find out more, or to register your interest, please email us at

Four Weeks to Quit Quitting

From the GGFit 2017 archive, read our 30 second guides to help your members to stop quitting. There are 8 articles, which are relevant at all times of year, but particularly pertinent in February.


If you would like advice or help to improve member retention at your club, please contact us

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