Sales & Retention Convention Live Stream Preview

Event Diary:

Here's where you can find us over the next few months - click through to find out more, register, and join us for a coffee and chat!

Sales & Retention Convention Preview
> Webinar/Livestream
> Thurs 5th Oct (2pm)

ukactive National Summit
> London
> Weds 1st Nov

APSE Leisure Seminar
> Loughborough
> Thurs 9th Nov

Sales & Retention Convention
> The Warwickshire
> Tues 14th Nov
Stick Around
Strategies to keep your gym members motivated and maximise member revenue

Packed with tips and tricks on how you can implement simple retention processes within your facility. 

eBook: Lulu, iTunes, Amazon KindleKobo
Amazon can deliver a hard copy next day for around £15, or you can order direct from Lulu.

"A really great book with so many useful ideas... I highly recommend Stick Around to all those working in Health & Fitness" - Paul Hurley


GDPR Myths by Elizabeth Denham on the ICO Blog

Your Fast Car by Seth Godin

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October 2017 Newsletter

Early-bird tickets to the Sales & Retention Convention have nearly sold out. If you've not done so yet, book yours now at If you're still making your mind up, register for a short (free) webinar, see below.

Also this month, you can listen to Guy's latest podcast on handling leavers and ex-members, read our review of the BP: Fitness Trade Show, and see our 7 Habits of Highly Effective Gym Members articles translated into Swedish!


The Sales & Retention Convention Preview

This Thursday (5th October) at 2pm, we'll be broadcasting live from ukactive's offices in London with all the speakers for next month's Sales & Retention Convention.

You can register for this free webinar (duration around 10 minutes) on the GGFit Crowdcast channel, or watch from facebook live via the GGFit page, or the Sales & Retention Convention page.

It will be a great chance for you to meet the speakers, and hear a quick summary of their sessions at the convention, which takes place on 14th November. Be warned though, if you watch the webinar, you'll want to buy tickets to the convention!

In the weeks following this free webinar, the last convention's retention sessions will be repeated.
These will be paid events (£25 per view, or free to convention delegates).
Delegate gave great feedback the last time we ran these webinars - "5 instructors sat around a screen for 45 mins for £25 - amazing value training session, thank you!"

Register yourself or your team now.

Fitness Business Network Podcast

We've spent some more time with the pod-cats at The Fitness Business Network, and have put down another hour of retention content for your ears. You can find out how to get more out of your members as they try to leave, and how to tap into your ex-member database to get them back.

Click here to go straight to episode 14, or browse the back catalogue for lots more valuable content on other podcast episodes. 

Body Power: Fitness Trade Show

A lot of people had written off the new Body Power: Fitness Trade show in 2018 without visiting. It’s changed its name from LIW (Leisure Industry 'Week'), and they said it has changed too much, was not aimed at them anymore, or just that they were too busy to attend the event in 2017.

We found it to be as useful as ever, meeting with lots of our business partners, a few customers, and several promising new introductions.

You can read our full review of the show on the blog here.

7 viktiga vanor hos dina bästa medlemmarod

We're proud to say that our friend Björn Johansson at GymBusiness in Sweden picked up and translated our "7 Habits of Highly Effective Gym Members" into Swedish for his readers last month! 

So if you would like to know more about "
7 viktiga vanor hos dina bästa medlemmar", you know what to do!

If you would like advice or help to improve member retention at your club, please contact us

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