FEATURE FILM - YARMOUTH- Background Performers: BEARDS!

Production Type: Feature Film
Location: Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
Shoot Dates: April 9 - ? (shoot dates TBC)
Rate Of Pay: Actra BG Rates apply

Project Brief: We have a preference for folks in Yarmouth (or close by) but we will consider ANY resident of Nova Scotia if they fit the character description and the listed costume sizes. Travel & accommodation will be covered by production IF necessary. We also have a preference for ACTRA union members, but will consider non members as well. 
We do not yet have a shoot schedule, these roles will likely play in the first couple of days, and likely just for one day. (I'll know more soon). This shoot will rely on what the weather is doing up in Yarmouth, so everyone pray for rain, drizzle & fog! If you're interested, you'll need to have a flexible schedule and be able to work when they need you.

Required Talent:
It is the 1890’s, no bright unnatural hair colours. NO VISIBLE TATTOOS ON THE NECK. HANDS OR FACE. The more natural you look, the better. 
No modern haircuts or shaved hairstyles. You should be willing to have your hair/beard styled as necessary to suit the period if you are cast.
PHOTOS  ARE FOR REFERENCE - just to give you the basic look we're going for!

A: MAN 1: 35-75yrs, Caucasian, MAJOR FACIAL HAIR, weathered looking, lean/wiry
Chest: 38-40
Sleeve: up to 34”
Waist: 31”-32”
Inseam: up to 31”

B: Relief Mate #1 - 35-75yrs, Caucasian, MAJOR FACIAL HAIR, weathered looking, lean/wiry
Height: 5'8" - 5'11"
Jacket size 40-42
Shirt, Neck: 14-16",
Sleeve: 31-33"
Waist: 33"-34"
Shoe: 8-10

Relief Mate #2 - 35-75yrs, Caucasian, MAJOR FACIAL HAIR, weathered looking, lean/wiry
Height: 5'7"- 5'9" 
Jacket: 44"- 46"
Shirt, Neck: 14" -16.5"
Sleeve: 31" -33"
Waist: 34"- 36"
Shoe: 9 -11

PLEASE CAREFULLY REVIEW THE COSTUME SIZES. You cannot be any bigger than the listed sizes (a little smaller is ok).
If you have an account with us, login to your profile and select "FEATURE FILM - YARMOUTH- Background Performers" from the project list. Then make sure you select the correct ROLE.

If you do NOT yet have an account with us, please visit - and follow same directions as above. Make sure your clothing sizes are ACCURATE!!
Here's a helpful video for measuring yourself - you won't need to take ALL these measurements, but it will give you the basics. No soft tape measure ? Use a bit of string!

Please make sure you include RECENT photos. It is CRUCIAL that you actually look like your photos! They should reflect your current hair, age, weight, etc


To find out when all the roles have been filled, you can join us on Facebook, where we will post updates and all kinds of handy info: