Film 5 Short: A Way To Go - AUDITIONS

Audition Dates: April 1st and April 2nd (6pm-10pm both days)
Audition Location: Halifax. Those chosen will be notified as to the location ahead of time.

Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperate - Film 5 Program
Short Film: Una Forma De Partir "A Way to Go" -
Production Company: Front Row Pictures TM
Union or Non-Union - Both
Paid - Yes
Casting Director: Erin Hennessey - Hennessey Casting
Producer: Chuck McLearn
Director/Writer: Joshua Young
Shoot Dates: April 25 - 26th
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia

1. LEANDRO (Lead) 60s-80s, open ethnicity, male, would like to see as much diversity as possible. Stubborn and chivalrous, Leandro misses his late wife, while fearlessly moving forward despite the isolation he appears to be living in...1 line - 10 scenes

2. DOCTOR MACDONALD (Actor) 40s-50s, open ethnicity, male or female, an overworked doctor in a hospital. They try to convince Leandro to accept permanent assisted care due to his heart condition....5 lines - 1 scene

3. DELIVERY PERSON (Principal) teen to early 20s, open ethnicity, male or female. Laid-back, sarcastic and just professional enough not to get fired. They deliver groceries to Leandro while answering phone calls from their friend...9 lines - 1 scene

4. MELISANDRA (Actor) 40s, open ethnicity, female, confident and caring. She appears in Leandro's memories. Willing to see non-actors who are comfortable on lines - 1 scene

5. WAITRESS (Actor) mid-twenties to 50, female, hard working and salt of the earth. She is a career waitress who has a special connection to Leandro since he is a regular at the bar/pub. When his wife was alive, they treated her like the daughter they never had...5 lines - 3 scenes

6. MAN #1 (Principal) 20s to 40s, male, obnoxious and unaware of his surroundings. He annoyingly watches a football game on his smartphone at full volume with his friends. All-the-while irritating the other patrons who are trying to watch the flamenco show...12 lines - 2 scenes

7. MAN #2 (Actor) 20s to 40s, male, a follower of Man #1. Everything Man #1 does is great! Man #2 wishes he had the so-called "confidence" Man #1 has which everyone else would interpret as arrogance and the word "pig-headed" also comes to mind...1 line - 2 scenes

8. LEANDRO'S SON (Actor) 40s to 50s, male, a younger version of Leandro. Preferred Spanish but open to seeing other ethnicities. He looks up to his father but needs to keep an eye on his health because of Leandro's stubborn ways. He brings his grandsons newborn, Alvaro, to the bar/pub...3 lines - 1 scene

9. ALVARO (Actor) 3 to 8 months old. Preferred Spanish, but open to other ethnicities. Must have no hair or black hair. Preferred brown or dark eyes. He is brought into the bar/pub with his family. Is held by lines - 1 scene


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