A Super Amazing Giant Show and Kids' Workshops coming up!
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Super Amazing Easter Show - 7 April
Active Kids - Light Sabers & Fencing
Dance Workshops
Cooking and Writing Classes
Chess and Paper Planes - Banish the word 'geeky'!
Magic events and discounts
Easter craft workshops
The Unknown Artists - Free visual arts exhibition
Easter Farmers Market
Denial Film Giveaway
Super Amazing Giant Girl - Strength, Circus and Comedy!

Super Amazing Giant Girl - On Sale Now!

Get ready, kids aged 4 - 99... Super Amazing Giant Girl is our spectacular show this Easter, and it's coming to you!

Straight from SELL OUT shows at Castlemaine Festival and Adelaide Fringe, this show tells the story of a little girl who grows up and up and up... Until she becomes a Super Amazing Giant Girl, with the strength to do anything and fantastic dancing powers.

Anna Lumb is our heroine and she quickly realises that her hometown is too small for her. The place isn't even on Google Maps! Anna goes on a journey to the big city, learning to love herself on the way. As well as making new friends and showing off her walking on bottle skills and roller skating powers, too!

Children, parents and grandparents will love this touching and funny story. The best bit is that only children pay for their ticket - adults are free! So come along for the rollerskating ride. 

Friday 7th April 2017, 11am 
Port Melbourne Town Hall
333 Bay St, Port Melbourne
$22 per child or $20 for Groups (4+)
Active Kids - Fencing and Light Sabers
Tuesday 4 April | $25 a session | 5 - 14 years old
Fencing - Sword Fighting
10am - 11am & 11.30am - 12.30pm
Garden Studio | $25
En garde! Boys and girls will love learning the ancient art of sword fighting from coach Chris Jones. Who knows when this vital skill might make a comeback? Time travel and sport combine for a fun, active hour that will give you the edge in your local battlefield. Come along to burn lots of energy and spar with new friends. 
Fencing - Light Sabers
1pm - 2pm & 2.30pm - 3.30pm
Garden Studio | $25
From a galaxy far, far away. Or, in Chris Jones' case, from Melbourne. Kids love the combo of activity and imaginative play. We provide the light sabers and your kids provide the Force. They're welcome to come along in Star Wars dress up, just remember to check Vader masks at the door. Hurry, this class sells quickly!
Rhythm is A Dancer - Michael Jackson and Hula Hoop Grooves
Wednesday 5 April | $25 a session | 5 - 14 years old
Dance Like Michael Jackson: Rock My World Hip Hop Dancing
11.30am - 12.30pm
Garden Studio | $25
Dance teacher Chloe will rock your world, you know she will, with this class combining Pop's best ever dancer with the latest in hip hop moves. Kids are encouraged to come in any MJ-themed dress up and to bring friends along, too! 
Hula Hoop Groove
1.30pm - 2.30pm
Garden Studio | $25

Dance and movement teacher Chloe moves straight into a fun, physical class that ends with a fantastic routine for parents to enjoy watching! Kids love learning how to hula hoop, working this simple creation into something with hours of fun potential! An hour passes quickly and there's a real sense of achievement at the end. 
For Creative Chefs and Brilliant Bookworms! - Junior Chef and Create Your Own Story
Thursday 6 April | $25 - $28 | 3 -12 years old
Junior Chef
FOOST Cooking Classes
| $28
10am - 11am & 11.30am - 12.30pm

Chefs and kitchen hands from 3 years and up are invited to our fully interactive class. Join kiddie culinary experts Foost for an hour of gozleme making and chocolate desert prep. Everything you need for a balanced diet, in fact! 
Kids will love touching and smelling the range of ingredients as they cook, and they get their own paper chefs hat to take home! Pre-school kids require an adult to help, and taste all the desserts.
Create Your Own Story with Archie Fusillo
Thursday 6 April & Thursday 13 April
11am - 12pm  |  $25

Imaginative kids with a love of stories, illustrations and creative writing will have the time of their lives in this class. Join award-winning Melbourne children's literature writer Archie Fusillo for a brainstorming session on creating characters and developing stories. Where do writers get their ideas from? Archie lets you in on all his secrets. Ideal for kids aged 7 - 12. 
Science and Technology Meets Art: Chess and Paper Planes
Tuesday 11 April | $25 | 7 to 14 years
Play Chess Like A Champ
10.30am - 12.30pm
Garden Studio | $25

Chess originated in 6th-century India and is still going strong a millennium and a half later! The skills of intellect, strategic thinking and patience are all developed in this classic game. Learn the basics or take your existing game to another level. Kids aged 7+ warmly welcome.
Paper Planes and the Science of Flight
1pm - 3pm
Garden Studio | $25

Did you know that there was such a thing as a 'specialist paper plane coach'? Let our inhouse expert teach your budding inventor or dare devil how to make a flying object out of a simple paper page, and fly them to competition standard!
Magic Classes: For Harry Potter Fans
Wednesday 12 April | $18 - $25 | Discountio spell | 5 to 14 years
Australia's leading female magician, Cath Jamison, is back! Kids aged 5 to 14 will love her workshops on wizardry essentials. There are 3 classes to choose from, buy Pre-School of Magic or Magic Wand Making with her Magic Class and receive a $5 discount. Discountio! 
Pre-School of Magic
10.30am -
Garden Studio | $25

Great for kids aged 5 -7, this introduction to magic covers all your young wizard or witch needs to know to cast their first spells. Imagination, skills, and theatrical behaviour collide to create a lot of fun!
Magic Wand Making
11.45am - 12.45pm
Garden Studio | $18

A magician, wizard or witch is nothing without their wand! All budding magic apprentices will undertake the secret wand ceremony and the correct way to use their powerful instrument! Magic gems from across the seas are provided to help decorate your wand. Lots of fun. Ideal for kids 5 - 12 years old.
Magic Class
1.15pm - 2.15pm
Garden Studio | $25

Combine your learning of magical basics and the correct use of your magic wand by staying on for this masterclass with the Australian School of Magic. Cath will teach all participants how to perform their own magic tricks and put together a magic show to impress their friends and family! For magic kids aged 8 to 14.
Easter-Themed Clay and Craft: for Busy Bee Makers
Wednesday 12 April | $25 | 5 to 10 years
Easter Clay
10am - 11.30am
Art & Craft Room | $25

Join professional artist Helen Pollard from ARTea Art School in this hands-on clay workshop that will delight potters, crafters and kids who like messy play! Great for kids aged 5 to 10, bring along clothes you don't mind getting dirty and work on a great Easter gift to take home with you. 
12pm - 1.30pm
Art & Craft Room | $25

Helen Pollard leads a craft session themed around Easter - eggs, bunnies, and chicks meet paint, imagination and bright colors! Kids love learning from Helen and working on a beautiful object that they can take home and proudly display! As always, think like an artist and wear clothes that love being near bright colours and busy kids. 
New Art Exhibition: Free Family Fun for All Ages
The Unknown Artists | Opens Tuesday April 11 2017
The Unknown Artists by Louis Cagalj
April 11 - 30th 2017

Artist Louis Cagalj has created a suite of drawings by ‘The Unknown Artists’ from combining his reverence for the Old Masters and a burning need to understand his own body. He has been dealing with crippling Osteoarthritis since 1996, and has challenged his body to prepare for inevitable hip replacement surgery. Louis has focused his mind to think like an Old Master by drawing on sepia paper, old butchers’ paper that he stored away 30 years ago.  The results are stunning Neo-Classical drawings with an ironic twist………they're 400 years old but were drawn yesterday.
Come along to our award-winning Farmers Market on Easter Saturday. Stalls are serving the best of fresh Victorian produce as from 8am. Remember to bring your own bags as we are plastic bag free! 
'Denial' Film Giveaway
We have 10 double passes to Denial to give away, thanks to Entertainment One. 
The inspirational story of one woman’s fight for truth and justice, Denial is a riveting drama about the real-life courtroom showdown between historian Deborah Lipstadt (Rachel Weisz) and notorious Holocaust denier David Irving (Timothy Spall).  A timely reminder that the truth itself can withstand even the most aggressive and persistent falsification, Denial opens in cinemas April 13. To enter, just click here
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