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Monitoring SBR with ACOMP - A Bridgestone Collaboration
This article details ACOMP's ability to directly monitor and characterize polymer conversion, Mw, and reduced viscosity during a living, anionic solution based polymerization of styrene butadiene rubber. ACOMP continuously measured Bridgestone's SBR polymerization at the 20 L scale. The realtime data generated by ACOMP is useful in providing insights into production rates and efficiencies, such as improving cycle times and yields while achieving product consistency from batch to batch.

Correlations and Detectable Trends in EPDM Rubber - A Lion Elastomers Collaboration

This application note documents the use of ACOMP to measure the low and high shear reduced viscosity of Lion Elastomers’ ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber (EPDM rubber).This information is important with respect to characterizing the polymer's Mooney viscosity property in real time, and it is also useful in providing insights into the current state of the polymer's composition.

Alex Reed Podcast - Start Up the Science
Alex Reed, CEO of Fluence Analytics, was a featured guest on the Start Up the Science Podcast. Check out the recording to hear Alex discuss how ACOMP uses realtime monitoring combined with data analytics and advanced algorithms to improve polymer production processes.
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