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• 52 Weeks of Kindness
• Stagiaire Française
• Meet Manon
• #capturePSCS
• Gratitude Matters
• Thank you
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52 Weeks of Kindness

Every Sunday in 2015, Andy is emailing a kindness theme for interested people to consider. The themes are intended to build on each other, thus helping folks deepen their understanding of kindness. This program, called 52 Weeks of Kindness is also a part of the Intelligent Optimist magazine's Transformative Studies Program (more here).

This week's theme, the third in the series, is to do something kind for someone you love. Andy writes, "I know that it is sometimes hard to complete an additional kind act (remember, one "requirement" of these themes is that you do something you would not otherwise have done) for those we love and for several reasons. We may already be doing kind things for those closest to us so finding an additional thing is a challenge, we may take for granted some of the kind things we do, we may actually not want to do anything additional (we might love them but perhaps don't like them much in a given moment, day, or week), and we may think an additional act needs to be something big."

If you are interested in getting an email with the kindness theme for the upcoming week, Andy sends them out every Sunday. You can can sign up to receive yours here.


Stagiaire Française

Please join PSCS in welcoming our very first French intern, Manon Boudeau!

Manon is in her second year at the Normandy Business School (NBS) and will focus her time on marketing and communications here at PSCS. Having always been interested in these fields, this internship is a great opportunity for Manon to work and observe while being immersed in an independent school environment.

Originally, this internship was simply intended for NBS students to find work in a different culture from their own. However, for Manon, “it is much more than that—thanks to PSCS. My internship here is also a way for me to discover a very different world, which is great because it is really important for international business students to be open-minded. This is not like other internships—where you just figure out what a company sells and market it. This internship starts with learning a whole new educational system and philosophy. PSCS is not like any other school I have seen before.”

Manon was impressed the first day she came to PSCS.  â€œPeople here look so…full bloom. When I entered PSCS, I kind of felt like I was in another world, one where kindness is the motto.”

At first, she found it difficult to imagine how students might be motivated to complete their work if no one was forcing them to do it. Manon was surprised to find that “even the youngest students choose their own courses, which allows them a huge amount of space to follow their interests.” In her first week she could see that, “the great thing about PSCS is that the teachers hold students responsible for their future. PSCS is a place where adults are supportive but not forceful.”

Manon’s internship will run for seven weeks. Keep an eye out for her postings here and on social media, as we have asked her to write and photograph some of what she observes during her time at PSCS.
Her first piece is on appreciations at PSCS and can be read below. Enjoy!

Every Day Gratitude

by Manon Boudeau
Mornings and afternoons are special at PSCS. This is when the whole school—students and staff—meet together for daily Check-in and Check-out (led by students). These meetings are when community members make announcements about homework and classwork, suggest activities outside of school, or speak about things going on in their lives. After that, there are several minutes for appreciations. People talk about what they appreciate about their day or just something they appreciate about life. Appreciations are little moments of gratefulness. Or moments to note when you have seen respect and kindness. From what I have seen so far, most students seem very confident, comfortable, and free to say what they want during Check-in and Check-out. By being grateful for things every day, PSCS students are encouraged to be optimistic and help maintain this atmosphere of happiness and kindness.  This is a great way to begin and end each day with joy and with the feeling that we are all part of a community in which we are sharing our lives.


Manon will be updating us all on her experiences via social media and email. Please follow her on our very first Instagram account #capturePSCS!

Gratitude Matters

There is really no amount of writing that can properly convey the warmth and fullness we feel for the gifts we receive here at PSCS, every day. Our hallways, quite figuratively, vibrate with possibility and opportunity. 

Whether you volunteer your time, donate money for tuition aid or, as is often, incredibly, the case, BOTH of these things—well, they have simply not yet invented a large enough "thank you' blanket for us to wrap you in.

Thanks to the 144 gifts we received from 104 families and friends from July 1 to December 31. PSCS closed 2014 with $86K in tuition aid! Because of PSCS alumni, alumni parents, current families, friends, grandparents, volunteers, board members, we are so much closer to making the switch from a fiscal year, multi-campaign fundraising process, to one calendar- year giving campaign, which will align with individual tax cycles. We are also that much closer to our overarching 2014-15 Annual Giving goal, $125K!
It is no minor achievement for this small, nonprofit, independent school, tucked under a bank in downtown Seattle, to have inspired the feats of fundraising that we have thus far.

Big thank you's!

Hilery Avitt & Lawrence Tamkin, Joelyn Bahten, Dylan Bandy, Doug Baugh, Julie & Jon Bergevin, Dana Bettinger, Judy Blair & Andy Martin, Debbie & Mike Bontatibus, Bill & Kathy Braswell, Michael & Kim Brooks, Jenna & John Bullis, Alex Cho Snyder, Kristin & Josh Daniel, Ronald Wong & Kristin Danielson-Wong, Ko Darlington & Christine Wood, Tina and Michael Dawson, Larry Dohrs & Wiworn Kesavatana, Elen Dunlap, Lena McCullough & Adam Feuer, Doug Forbes, Daisy Gilman, Rebeccah Graham & Michael Maxwell, Jen Graves, K.E. Green, Liana Green & Katie Clayton, Stephen Griggs & Doris Kogan, Kris Gulbran & Pat Pielage, Amy & Randy Hollinger, Dr. Thomas & Sandra Hollinger, Malcolm Hooper & Lara Whitely Binder, Tom & Judith Jakobsen, Kristin Jakobsen, Jenn Johnson & Teresa Demel, Deb & Peter Kahn, Jon Karpoff & Chrystell Flota, Adrienne Karpov & Ed Miles, Liz Kennedy & Bob Kechley, Murren Kennedy, Kevin Kenner, Carrie Kenner, Gur & Meyrav Kimchi, Evelyn Lambert, Helios & Zhihong Leung, Pai & Irene Leung, Sieglinde Levery-Nicholas, David Marques & Janet Frohnmayer, Mary & Levon Martin, Julie & Michael McKelvey, Terri Mitchell, Sam Mitchell, Duncan Moore & Stacey Watson Moore, Glenn & Widney Moore, Susan & Larry Morris, Greg Morris, Gracie Morton, Becky & Steve Morton, Debra & Brad Music, Kim Nicholas & Rachel Diaz, Joann & Rob O'Toole, Sheri Pewitt, Heather & Matt Pope, Scobie Puchtler & Sarah Felstiner, Ellis & Dawn Reyes, Bill & Christa Rupp, Alissa Kozuh & Ian Saunders, Deb Schaack & Jutta Schneider, Carolyn & Mark Schneider, Jim Shaw, Melinda Shaw & Andy Smallman, Cathy & Phred Short, Carib & Al Smallman, Stacia Snapp, Donna Sosnowski, Johnny Spangler, Ellen & Robert Swarts, Christopher Szala & Amy Watkins, Target, Anavadya and Kolin Taylor, Boeing, Jackie Thomas-Rask and Michael Rask, David Thrasher, Joe Turk, Cynthia Turner and John Kugler, Costco, Chrissy Wakeling, Nic Warmenhoven and Kristin Tsiatsios, Connie Weiss-Dwyer & Michael Dwyer, Catherina Willard, Terra Williams, Anne Woodley & Robert Stoney, Cynthia Zele, Amazon, Microsoft, PCC Natural Markets, FreeCause, Transfirst, BgC3, Honeywell International, eScrip, iGive, Symetra, Starbucks, Google.


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Monday, January 19
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