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July 17, 2015

The latest news about growth and innovation within the enterprise space.

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Intel's 2016 Chip Line-Up Will Put Moore's Law on Hold


"Intel has announced that its 2016 chip line-up, called Kaby Lake, will continue to use 14 nanometer processes. Instead, the next shrinkage will arrive in the second half of 2017, when Intel will shift to transistors that measure just 10 nanometers in its Cannonlake chips"

Tesla challenger Faraday Future unveils plan to build first manufacturing plant in U.S.

Venture Beat

"It appears a new challenger has come out of the woodwork to rival Tesla’s dominance of the electric vehicle market. Faraday Future, a new startup in the industry, is planning on establishing its first car factory in the U.S. and is looking at locations in four states for its next one."

Google's Free Website Builder Makes It Dead Simple To Implement Material Design

Fast Company

"Google has released a tool to make the process simple. It’s called Material Design Lite, and it’s a site filled with copy-and-pasteable code that you can use to create Material Design websites in CSS, HTML and JavaScript."

After 10 breakthroughs and $3B in research, IBM announces tiny 7-nanometer chips

Venture Beat

"IBM has been racking up the breakthroughs for decades. And now it says that work is paying off with the creation of the first 7-nanometer chips. This means that the miniaturized electronics are so small that transistors on the chips are only 7 billionth of a meter in length. That’s 1,400 times smaller than a human hair."

Google's Project Soli to bring gesture control to wearables


"The system uses broad beam radar to measure doppler image, IQ and spectrogram. The chip recognizes movement, velocity and distance and can be programmed to change the input based on that distance."

What Is Zero UI? (And Why Is It Crucial To The Future Of Design?)

Fast Company

"It's all about getting away from the touchscreen, and interfacing with the devices around us in more natural ways: haptics, computer vision, voice control, and artificial intelligence. Zero UI is the design component of all these technologies, as they pertain to what we call the internet of things."

Google is hiring an SEO manager to boost its own Google rankings


"A job listing in Google Careers Portal describes the main responsibility of the "Program Manager, Search Engine Optimisation" role as helping "drive organic traffic and business growth"

The F-35: Is the world's most expensive weapons program worth it?


"The F-35, also referred to as the Joint Strike Fighter, is touted as the most lethal and versatile aircraft of the modern era. It combines advanced stealth capabilities, radar-jamming abilities, supersonic speed, extreme agility and state-of-the-art sensor fusion technology."

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