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February 26, 2016


This week’s readings are mostly about pedagogy, but if you’re an educational app developer (or want to be one of them), you can’t skip the last one.

Enjoy your reads. Comments are welcome.

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Aurelio Jimenez Romero

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Automation or empowerment: online learning at the crossroads

Tony Bates - Tony's blog

"It is not so much the need for change that I am challenging, but the means by which this change is being promoted. In essence, a move to automated learning, while saving costs, will not improve the learning that matters, and particularly the outcomes needed in a digital age, namely, the high level intellectual skills of critical thinking, innovation, entrepreneurship, problem-solving, high-level multimedia communication, and above all, effective knowledge management."

Is art education running out of Steam?

Hasan Bakhshi - The Guardian

More than a third of teachers say they have had less time to teach art and design over the past five years – a holistic approach that brings science, technology, engineering, art and maths together is key.

7 Ways to Spark Collaboration and Imagination in Your Classroom

Patricia Brown - EdSurge

How can educators create learning experiences that foster collaboration, and problem solving, but also nurture imagination and curiosity during the school day? This article gives examples in these seven practices: Coding, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, STEM and design thinking, Student blogging and forums, Creative learning spaces and Social Media.

Teaching the Teachers

Meghan E. Murphy - Slate

Harnessing the full potential of Edtech? Not without trained teachers, this article says. But, how do we get teachers the proper training and resources to get them to the point they want to be with technology? Some private initiatives (founded by teachers) are developing hands-on training methods to leverage the same tools that teachers could be using in their own classrooms.

Building an Educational App? Read This First

Christopher Pedregal - EdSurge

At Socratic, they’ve spent the last two years studying how students learn with the Internet. Here you have their advice for educational apps developers:
- Battery life is everything
- Photos are the quickest way to share content
- Students treat their phone like a tutor, not a textbook
- Today’s educational content is painful to consume on mobile devices
- Friends teach each other over chat

[Laugh Out Loud Funny] Someone is pretending to be the IT guy at Hogwarts and it's hilarious

Stephen Daw - RadioTimes

Meet the Tumblr account bringing WiFi to Harry Potter. And, you thought you had it rough...

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