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December 21, 2013

Hello! I am back home for the Christmas holidays and a day late on sending out the reading list. Hope you're enjoying the holidays too. 

PS - If you are interested in helping curate articles for this newsletter send me an email I am particularly interested in getting more articles/viewpoints from other designers or engineers who have founded or are working at a startup.

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Chris McCann

Chris McCann - Co-Founder, GroupTie

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Advice on Attracting Good Developers

Samuel Mullen

"Attracting developer interest really isn’t hard, it just requires putting your name and support behind what we’re interested in. Here are some ideas you can do"

How to Hire a Programmer

Jeff Atwood

"Any programmer worth their salt should have a portfolio of the things they've worked on. It doesn't have to be fancy. I'm just looking for a basic breadcrumb trail of your awesomeness that you've left on the Internet to help others."

Ways you’ll probably mess up your startup

Laurence McCahill

“People who focus exclusively on efforts that matter, succeed. It’s that simple.”

The Story of My First Startup Failure

Dana Levine

"As we found later, the real problem was acquiring customers who would actually pay us for our product."

The Short Stack Advantage

Aston Motes

"In the early days of Dropbox, we spent a whole lot of time coding and not very much time thinking about business strategy."

The hardest lesson for startups to learn

Paul Graham

"Startups are right to be paranoid, but they sometimes fear the wrong things."

Networking is Overrated

Don Fornes

"So while conventional wisdom says to network aggressively, I don’t necessarily agree. There will most likely be periods during which networking is not your highest-value activity. Every hour has an opportunity cost, and early in the life of your business, you don’t have a lot of hours to burn."

What You Really Need Is A Market, Not An Idea

Paul Finn

"Here's the key step to take before you assemble the blueprints for a profitable business. You need to select the audience that you'll want to build a product for."

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