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Social Enterprise Reading List

August 14, 2015

The latest stories on social innovation from around the globe.

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Shevika Mishra

Shevika Mishra

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Karthik Shankar

Karthik Shankar

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House of Fire

Nell Freudenberger - Harper's Magazine

Can India’s Parsis survive their own success?

How Do We Solve a Problem Like Corruption?

Joy Saunders - Markets for Good

Joy Saunders from Integrity Action talks about how anti-corruption initiatives where citizens working together with government and corporations to build integrity have a higher success rate in terms of systematically designing out corruption.

Time for the Plural Sector

Henry Mintzberg - Stanford Social Innovation Review

To create a healthy society the plural sector needs to take its rightful place alongside the private and public sectors. 

How Uber is Changing Life for Women in Saudi Arabia

Evie Nagy - Fast Company

Women, legally barred from driving in the country, make up 70-90% of the service's customer base.

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