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May 06, 2016

Every week we highlight 4 of our favorite articles about startup communities around the world and the great people that lead them.

Here at the communities digest we're all about the long haul. Communities don't grow and flourish over night, things take time, often decades. On top of this each community has its own inherent strengths and weaknesses that make it more adept to one trajectory over another. This week's digest looks at why some great places are better for starting up and how they got there.

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Applications Now Open for Techstars Internet of Things Accelerator

The Techstars IoT Accelerator is one of Techstars' premier corporate consortium model accelerators incorporating five major partners: PwC, GE, Bosch, Verizon, and SAP. Applications are now open until July 10 for this 15 week mentor driven program, bringing additional focus to connecting the infrastructure of business and industry. For more information and to apply, visit

The 10 Best Cities for Starting a Business in 2016


According to a study looking at the resources needed to successfully startup in the US, the Silicon Valley is not the best place to relocate, it's not even in the top 50. The article lays out some very valid points as to why this is and might even get you rethinking the way you look at your community and it's strong suits.

5 Tips To Finding The Best City For Your Startup

Rich Winley -

So what is it that really matters in regards to location for a startup? The short answer: it all depends, but this article takes a great look at understanding how and why entrepreneurs might choose one community over another.

Here’s Why UK Startups Should Fear Leaving The EU

Nic Brisbourne -

Let's face it, just about every entrepreneur at one point in time or another considers if there might be a better location for their startup. Yet, sometimes in wondering we discount or even overlook some very important factors.

The lessons an Aussie entrepreneur learnt from immersing himself in startup ecosystems around the world


So maybe startup wanderlust is just a product of perception and misconceptions. Here's what one entrepreneurial nomad took away from his journeys through a number of startup communities. 

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