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July 22, 2016

Dear all,

This news week was dominated by the letter from technology leaders on Trump's candidacy for President and the 24/7 CNN The Republican National Convention coverage here at our office.

I love America; I don't see any crises, only a few challenges that I know this great country can overcome. Angel Investors have a critical role creating new jobs and making "America great again", even more, important than who is occupying the chair at the White House at any given point. Next week the Hillary campaign will dominate, and we will keep the live streaming going.

Please send me any ideas, feeds, events and other content that you think is relevant for our investors.

Have a great weekend and keep on investing!

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Mark Cuban on Trump's RNC Speech: He Will End Tech Progress

Bartie Scott - Inc.

- Donald Trump wrapped up the Republican National Convention in Cleveland on Thursday night, and leaders in the business and tech community had some opinions.

Your Next Personal Shopper will be a Couture-Crazy Chatbot

Adam Born - Wired

- Robin Chan's "operators" will find anything you want - all you have to do is drop them a text. "If you say, 'I'm looking for a leather sofa,' we take your request, in text form or a photo, identify that you're looking for furniture and connect you to a furniture expert," explains Chan (pictured), Operator's co-founder and CEO.

Here are the highlights from the final night of the Republican National Convention

Colin Lecher - The Verge

- Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel said on stage at the Republican National Convention tonight that he is "proud to be gay, proud to be a Republican, but most of all, proud to be an American." He was the first openly gay speaker at the RNC to speak about his sexuality.

Why Startups Run Such A Rocky Unpredictable Course

Aniruddha Malpani - Inc24

- It would be great if investors could develop a formula to be able to determine which startups will be successful. We’d become rich extremely quickly, and wouldn’t have to waste so much money on those which fail.

How One Unicorn Multiplied Its Valuation From $200M To $1.8B

Alex Wilhelm - Mattermark

- Sprinklr, a company that specializes in social media management recently raised a $105 million Series F, valuing the firm at $1.8 billion. The new cash comes after the firm raised $46 million last year at a $1.2 billion valuation. What do investors see in the company? Perhaps we can find out by examining its growth. By doing so we’ll open a new window into what things are worth today.

Why are There no Facebook/WhatsApp-like Startups from India?

Akhilesh Lahoti -

- Awhile ago, I was pitching my idea of building a global opinion platform to a well-known Indian angel investor. He immediately suggested I move to Silicon Valley to pursue this. The response was probably based on his understanding of global market (or a casual excuse to pass on the investment), but it triggered my curiosity and I questioned him on his judgment. He posed the rhetorical question, “Why there are no Facebook/WhatsApp-like startups from India?” Since that day, this question has been bothering me.

Deal of the Week: PromoRepublic

Bac Le - ArcticStartup

- Finnish startup with Ukrainian roots PromoRepublic closed this month 400,000 euros investment round.

Finding Obsession in Iceland

Mark Solon - Techstars Blog

- A few weeks ago, I was fortunate to spend two weeks in Iceland, a country I’ve long wanted to visit. My trip began with Startup Iceland, the annual event run by my friend, Bala Kamallakhara. It was a terrific few days, starting with the launch of Ultrahack on Sunday night...

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