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January 01, 2016

Happy 2016!  :)   Thank you for being part of my life in 2015.   I look forward to bringing you more awesome mobile articles and learning this coming year. 

Here are a few articles of my own that I really like from 2015:
The Many Ways Of WeChat: How Messaging Is Eating The World
How Uber Scaled The Great Wall, Or 5 Tips For Acquiring Mobile Users in China 
LinkedIn’s mobile strategy is a mess  
Greater China Investment Landscape
Startup Metrics for Mobile Pirates #MOAARRR


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Opportunity Is Knocking

Braintree recently teamed up with Vision Mobile, the world's largest developer survey, to look into untapped opportunities for mobile developers and the Internet of Things. They found that the upside of e-commerce is even bigger than you might think. Read more about the findings here.

India Becomes Mobile-Phone Market With a Billion Subscribers

Bhuma Shrivastava - Bloomberg

As many as 12 operators fight for subscribers in the third-largest Asian economy, driving down tariffs and hurting profits. Top Indian carrier Bharti Airtel Ltd. alone has more than 200 million subscribers.

Samsung Pay plans to enable U.S. online shopping in 2016


Samsung Pay has already scored a lead over its major rivals Apple and Android, by launching its U.S. service on Sept. 28 with technology that is widely used at most stores. Apple Pay and Alphabet Inc's Android Pay require retailers to install new equipment.

Xiaomi Users Insights in 2015

N/A - China Internet Watch

User coverage rate of Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi decreased slightly in the past 11 months while Huawei maintained a steady growth. The year 2015 has witnessed strong growth of Huawei smartphones.

WeChat trends to expect in 2016: Virtual reality, more ads, global expansion of Tencent app’s wallet function

Zen Soo - SCMP

WeChat active users jumped 9% a quarter on average this year, and research firm Nomura estimates its revenue at US$$7 per user. In contrast, WhatsApp charges just US$1 a year for use of its service.

Uber just completed its billionth trip


At the end of 2014, the company bragged that it was up to a million trips a day. A year later, it said it was logging 3 million trips a day in 66 countries.

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