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April 01, 2016

Time for the weekly Mobility & Transportation Reading List. Again a short one. Enjoy reading!
April 5-8 is going to be the biggest trade show for transportation professionals: Intertraffic Amsterdam. I am going to be there. Shoot me a message if you want to meet up!

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Timo Hoffmann

Timo Hoffmann - Product Marketing Manager EMEA at Miovision

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Video: Eyes on the road

Carnegie Mellon University

Using regular cameras and crowd sourcing for road surface condition monitoring - Carnegie Mellon University is on it... Others are also thinking about using standard sensors to gather data for road surface information systems:

Inrix Traffic app uses AI to learn your driving habits

Steve Dent , @stevetdent -

Short bit about how INRIX is using AI to learn your driving habits to figure out preferred routes and anticipate trips.

The new Tesla could cost as little as $25,000 with tax incentives

Suzanne Jacobs -

Affordable, good electric automobile from Tesla. Its Model 3 seems to be a game-changer. Maybe...

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