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March 18, 2016

Hi all,

Welcome to AI Reading List #5. Here are some of the AI resources, updates and ideas I found most interesting this week.

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DeepMind founder Demis Hassabis on how AI will shape the future

Sam Byford - The Verge

The biggest news in AI, probably in all of tech this week, was that Google’s AlphaGo system became the first computer player to beat a grandmaster at the famously complex game of Go.

Demis Hassabis, who co-founded DeepMind, the team (now at Google) behind AlphaGo, provides some insight to what this means in this extensive Verge interview.

From an outside perspective, esteemed AI researcher Elizier Yudowsky has provided a detailed analysis of AlphaGo’s play:

"[N]ext up after this competition will be getting DeepMind to train itself in Go entirely from scratch, tossing the 2500-year human tradition right out the window.”

What counts as artificially intelligent?

James Vincent - The Verge

An excellent starting point for understanding what “neural networks,” “machine learning” and “deep learning” refer to, and why the word “AI” is so fuzzy and non-specific.

A related note from Benedict Evans at Andreessen Horowitz:

“[T]here’s a sort of tech Tourettes' around - people shout ‘AI!’ or ‘MACHINE LEARNING!’ where people once shouted ‘OPEN!’ or ‘PACKETS!’. This stuff is changing the world, yes, but we need context and understanding.”

A Brief History of Robot Law

Greg Miller - The Atlantic

A brief history of law regarding robots and other automated systems so far, dating back to 1947 (!), based on a fascinating new paper by Ryan Calo at the University of Washington. This field is going to become enormously important in coming years.

You’re A Computer. Can You Pass The Turing Test?


Another hilariously deranged AI-themed ClickHole “ClickVenture” putting you in the first-person POV of the machine itself, this time as a computer battling to convince the judge of the "Turing Tournament" that you're "the human."

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