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April 29, 2016

Hi all,

Welcome to AI Reading List #11. Here are nine more of the AI resources, updates and ideas I found most interesting this week.

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METRO Accelerator kicks off second round together with Techstars

METRO Accelerator, powered by Techstars, is commencing the application process for its second program for startups, whose digital services and companies could give a direct boost to the commercial success of restaurants, hotels and catering businesses. From now until June 20, interested startups from all over the world can submit an application for the program on

We don’t know how to build conversational software yet

Alan Nichol

Training bots to converse at a level that's truly satisfying for users is going to be hard – really hard. Maybe even harder than “solving” Go.

AlphaGo practices by playing itself billions of times. Bootstrapping a training partner for a conversational agent is not as straightforward.

Facebook Chatbots Are Frustrating and Useless

Darren Orf - Gizmodo

"I spent more time trying to guess what these little bots wanted to hear then actually talking to them."

The Humans Hiding Behind the Chatbots

Ellen Huett - Bloomberg, Facebook’s still-in-closed-beta M (and most of the other most-hyped “AI” products so far) are made of people.

Bots won't replace apps. Better apps will replace apps.

Dan Grover

A WeChat product manager drops some realism on the over-the-top bot hype from Facebook, Microsoft and seemingly everyone else in tech right now.

3 tools for building bots that people won’t tell to f*ck off

Andrew Konoff

Crude title, super-practical info.

How to build a better bot

Ryan Block

Solid fundamental advice:

“A great bot will help relieve some kind of stress, or save a meaningful amount of time for a human.”

Movidius puts deep learning chip in a USB drive

Alex Brokaw - The Verge

A new $100 chip from Google partner Movidius will let devices do vision recognition on their own hardware without needing to send it to the cloud. Huge potential gains for both speed and privacy.

Building a Deep Learning (Dream) Machine

Roelof Pieters

For the DIYers.

alt-AI: exploring the intersection of artificial intelligence and art

School for Poetic Computation

Fantastic-looking conference coming up next month in NYC. Sign up for their mailing list ASAP to get notified when they make their remaining tickets available.

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