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July 24, 2015

This week, Kate Blair at Groupon talks about a growing trend amongst restaurant owners. Ann Smarty offers some tips for shaking up your visual content online. At Sales Training Connection, Richard Ruff talks about the versatility of simulations in sales training. Isaiah Bollinger at the Trellis eCommerce Blog digs into why it’s impossible to find online services that are fast, cheap, and good. And at Fit Small Business, we get into the details on how you can get a loan in order to buy a business. Enjoy.

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Restaurant Trend: Healthy Kids’ Meals

Kate Blair - Groupon Merchant Blog

When we think of kids’ meals, health food doesn’t generally come to mind. In the past, you could expect to see certain standbys on menus: grilled cheese sandwiches, chicken nuggets, and hot dogs. However, things are beginning to change. As parents become more aware of issues like childhood diabetes and obesity, they are interested in healthier options for their kids when dining out. In fact, the National Restaurant Association identified healthy kids meals as one of the top five food trends of 2015.

How to Diversify Your Visual Marketing Strategy

Ann Smarty -

Content is the single biggest focus for anyone who is trying to launch and expand a site into the mainstream. This doesn’t just apply to what you write, however. Content can mean a whole spectrum of included work that goes well beyond text. Visual content is a primary example, and has been found to have many different benefits. A good image has become a key to social media marketing success: Images grab attention in social media feeds. Images go viral.

Fast, Cheap or Good -- Pick Two

Isaiah Bollinger - Trellis eCommerce Blog

The professional web services industry is plagued by an expectations issue. Every business owner wants a website or web project that is fast, cheap, and high quality. Then again, who wouldn’t? The problem is this is simply impossible. You can really only do two at best, and even that is not easy to achieve, requiring hard work and long hours.

How To Get A Loan To Buy A Business

Priyanka Prakash - Fit Small Business

Buying an existing business can be less risky and more rewarding than starting a new business from scratch. However, buying an existing business needs careful financial planning. This article primarily focuses on how to get a bank loan to buy a business. A bank loan is ideal for deals worth over $1 million  and for business owners with a credit score over 650, 20-25 % down payment, and collateral. If you don’t meet those requirements, we also discuss alternative options  such as seller financing and using retirement funds.

Sales Simulations -- Try one, you’ll like it

Richard Ruff - Sales Training Connection

Historically companies have often used sales simulations as a capstone sales training program for their senior sales reps or their national account group – that is when the program is positioned as a Top Gun school. While sales simulations certainly fit this need, thinking of sales simulations only as a training design for advanced programs is unnecessarily limiting. With state-of-the-art designs, sales simulations have become more versatile and cost effective so they now represent a viable alternative for addressing the entire spectrum of sales training needs.

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