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July 22, 2016

Last night, my friend, collaborator, and (starting next week) newsletter co-editor Lindsay Saunders and I hosted Los Angeles' first Art and Virtual Reality meetup. We were lucky enough to be joined by Eve Online's resident Space Pope, and led us in a fascinating discussion about the nature of virtual experiences. According to the Space Pope, "they're real." The kids I met on the beach chasing Pokemon certainly seemed to think so. AR and VR offer exhilarating possibilities as creative mediums because only our imagination dictates the limits of what is possible. I hope that tools that let us create in virtual space encourage more and more people to become creators. As Dylan Flynn writes in his article below, "the rules we choose to create (or not create) are only limited by the mind. We can play god." Or Pope. 

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A Work in Progress: Virtual Reality

Janessa Nichole White - VR Dribble

A good rundown on the current state of the market, consumption, content, and tech. 

Crisis and Opportunity

Abe Streep - Wired

This longer piece investigates one startup’s quest to save refugees with virtual reality.

Moving from Web Pages to Web Spaces

Dylan Flynn - Rothenburg Ventures

Spatial thinking lets us navigate the world. This excellent piece makes the case for a new type of web characterized by spatial layout and intuitive navigation.

Virtual Reality Gave Me My Brain Back

Mark Cuban - Blog Maverick

Entrepreneur, investor, and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban shares his remarkable story of recover thanks in part to a Samsung Gear VR.

Amsterdam Commuters are Playing Their Own Augmented Reality Game That Doesn’t Require a Phone

Annalisa Merelli - Quartz

In Amsterdam, Pokemon aren't the only new creatures on the block. A sharp-toothed beast arises as an analog alternative to Pokemon Go. 

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