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April 08, 2016

Hello from Geeks on the Plane!  The trip has been amazing so far.  We got the chance to meet Jack Ma (Alibaba founder), learned so much from Alibaba and Mogujie. We have so much to catch up learning from these eCommerce giants. :) Check out my photos:

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Connecting Investors with the Hottest Startups May 9-11 in New York

TechCrunch Disrupt is the most anticipated tech event of the year, coming to New York this May 9-11. Join our community of entrepreneurs, investors and influencers at the most connected conference in New York. Come for the fireside chats with thought leaders and panels on hot tech topics, a stroll through Startup and Hardware Alley, and the iconic Startup Battlefield competition. Leave knowing you’re one step ahead of the future. Get $1000 off general admission, but hurry, prices will rise April 8th.

Forget Apple vs the FBI: Whatsapp Just Switched On Encryption For A Billion People


The company employs only about 50 engineers. And it took a team of only 15 of them to bring encryption to the company’s one billion users—a tiny, technologically empowered group of individuals engaging in a new form of asymmetrical resistance to authority, standing up not only to the US government, but all governments.

Chat app Kik launches a bot store and anyone can make bots for it


Since Kik has long supported HTML5 websites, which are optimized for its in-app browser, a bot on its service can also be used as a trigger, perhaps to send users to a news story or website that has a feature-rich experience inside the Kik app? (Kik hasn’t shipped a payments API with its bot developer tools at this point.)

Amazon takes on PayPal and others with launch of Amazon Payments partner program

Sarah Perez - Techcrunch

Amazon Payments can be used by individual merchants who can choose to integrate the company’s tools, like “Login and Pay with Amazon,” in order to offer an easy way for online shoppers to authenticate with their Amazon account information on a third-party website, then pay for their purchases with the credit card information they have on file with Amazon.

Facebook pushes businesses to Messenger with new tools for Pages, including Snapchat-like scannable codes

Sarah Perez - Techcrunch

Messenger Links are basically short, memorable URLs that take advantage of the Page’s username combined with Facebook’s own URL shortener. Messenger Codes will serve the same purpose of opening up chats, but are instead unique codes that people can scan in Messenger using the camera on their phones. 

Xiaomi Goes Against the Grain With New Smartphone-Controlled Rice Cooker

Eva Dou - WSJ

Xiaomi hopes that its ecosystem products — which refers to devices other than smartphones, TVs and Internet routers — will reach 10 billion yuan ($1.5 billion) in sales this year, doubling from more than 5 billion yuan last year, said Liu De, Xiaomi’s vice president of industrial design and ecosystem.

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