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April 24, 2015

The latest news about growth and innovation within the enterprise space.

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A Robot That Bought Drugs Online Is Now Free From Police Custody

Tech Crunch

"Welcome to the 21st century when a program designed to automatically buy random items from illegal marketplaces can be arrested by Swiss police."

Slack valued at $2.8 billion barely a year after launching publicly


"The workplace communication and collaboration service confirmed on Thursday that it has raised another $160 million in funding at a post-funding valuation of $2.8 billion, more than doubling its valuation in a matter of months."

Google's Project Fi service turns multiple phone networks into one


"Instead of trying to build out and maintain its own nationwide network of cell towers and repeaters, Google's instead combining Sprint and T-Mobile's coverage footprints with millions of pre-vetted WiFi hotspots to provide users with the fastest, most seamless mobile experience it can in real-time."

Now You Can Download Your Google History—Or Better Yet, Delete It


"Clearly, someone at Google knows how dangerous this information can be, which is why they created the message you can read above. “It’s not the usual yada yada,” indeed. If you’re going to download it, keep it safe. If you’re willing to trust Google with this information, you should at least do as the company advises and set up two-factor authentication for some beefed up security."

Nokia Plots 2016 Return to Phone Market


"The move is driven by Nokia Technologies — the smallest of the three businesses that remained after the Microsoft deal, alongside its mapping and network equipment businesses. Nokia Technologies is best known for being the arm that licenses the company’s massive portfolio of more than 10,000 patents."

Facebook Hello shows who's calling your Android phone


"As helpful as it is, caller ID doesn't really tell you everything about who's ringing your phone or why. Is it an acquaintance? A best friend's birthday? Or a robocaller? Facebook might have a better solution. It's rolling out Hello, the previously leaked Android caller ID app."

Coin, The One Credit Card To Rule Them All, Is Finally Shipping

Tech Crunch

"Coin works by letting you add all of your debit, credit, and loyalty cards onto one piece of technology, the Coin."

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