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May 15, 2015

Join me in San Francisco, CA on June 22nd for a 3-hour workshop on "Designing to Sell". This workshop includes lectures and interactive exercises in writing, visual hierarchy, and various techniques to: Design an effective landing page to increase conversion rates, Write compelling copy to quickly get the attention of your audience, Clearly explain the features & benefits of your product.
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Andi Galpern

Andi Galpern - Product Designer & Founder of Cascade SF

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Christine Ogu

Christine Ogu

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Jared Martin

Jared Martin

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How Facebook Unified Its Brand

Mark Wilson, @ctrlzee - Co.Design

Ben Barry illuminates how Facebook got its brand act together—something other companies could learn from.

Confusing, Confounding Content #wtfUX

Josh Tyson, @josh_tyson - UX Magazine

By identifying and sharing examples of bad UX, we can rid the world of poorly designed experiences.

The Top 7 Questions About Measuring The User Experience

Jeff Sauro - MeasuringU

While there are many questions you should ask to measure the user experience, there are a number of questions that come up repeatedly.  Learn about the top 7 questions.  

Functional Animation In UX Design

Amit Daliot, @AmitDaliot - Smashing Magazine

Great read by @AmitDaliot.

This article contains many video examples that show functional animation. Functional animation is subtle animation that we embed in a user interface design as part of our process.

It also works the other way around: When an animation doesn’t fit a functional purpose, it usually also feels awkward or annoying. Learn about functional animation.

Designers And Developers: No Longer A House Divided

Ivana McConnell, @IvanaMcConnell - Smashing Magazine

We should all be striving to learn, but the question remains, what exactly should we learn? Maybe it isn’t as simple as “learn to develop” or “learn to design,” but is about learning to communicate and collaborate, to respect the nuances of each other’s craft — and the artistry and reason that they both demand in equal measure — without attempting to master it for oneself.  Read more...

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