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May 27, 2016

This week: Levi's and Google's smart jacket, kids trackers and a universal wearable translator (no joke)!

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Applications Open for Techstars IoT Accelerator in NYC

The Techstars IoT Accelerator is for startups who are focused on the infrastructure of the future with specific emphasis on software and artificial intelligence, connected enterprise, smart cities and energy, advanced manufacturing, health and wearables, logistics and automotive, VR, AR, drones and robotics, agriculture, and the connected home. Applications close July 10 and the program takes place in NYC. Learn more.

Levi's and Google to Launch Wearable Tech Jacket for Cyclists


Google and Levi's Project Jacquard is all set to come to life later this year for beta testers before opening up to the general public next year. The first product, a smart commuter jean jacket, is targeted towards urban cyclists looking to get directions, control music and take calls all without pulling out their phones.

Pebble Launches a Trio of New Devices


Pebble announced upgrades to its line-up of smartwatches but more interestingly, launched Pebble Core, a 3G connected wearable device designed for runners who may prefer to leave their phones at home while out on a run and also targeted towards hackers to develop new features on it to use as a smart button.

Solos Smart Glasses Put Data in Cyclists' Field of Vision


At Interbike 2015, electronics company Kopin was showing off eyewear aimed at placing ride data in a more convenient place, directly in the cyclist's field of vision. The Solos smart glasses pull metrics such as heart rate and average speed from connected devices to offer real-time feedback on cycling performance.

The Best Kids Trackers: Using Wearables For Child Safety


Thanks to advances in GPS technology, keeping track of children is becoming much easier with kids wearables. Some trackers use simple radio waves and are excellent for short distance monitoring. 

With a GPS system you can pinpoint the exact position of the person you're looking for using a map on your smartphone or tablet. Some models also offer geo-fencing.

Four Things to Know About the Fitbit Accuracy Lawsuit


The complaints in the lawsuit apply specifically to Fitbit’s constant heart rate monitoring technology, which the company calls “PurePulse.” Fitbit is being accused of misrepresenting how accurately its devices monitor users’ heart rate during physical activity. Fitbit rejects the study’s results.

Crowdfunding Campaign: Pilot Translation Earpiece


Most of you would've heard of Pebble's latest Kickstarter domination so we decided to highlight this campaign instead. Meet Pilot, a smart earpiece which translates between users speaking different languages! Doesn't this remind you of the Star Trek Universal Translator?!

Influencer Insights: What's Next in Wearables?


Founders from the Young Entrepreneurs Council give their perspective on what will be the next big piece of wearable tech: everything from mindfulness and mood monitors to high-tech fabric and diabetes trackers.

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