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April 15, 2016

Episode #38 of the Reboot podcast steps out of startups into a potentially surprising area Reboot team: government. Congressman Tim Ryan is committed to bringing heart, humanity, mindfulness and a long term focus into a space that doesn’t always welcome it.

In this conversation, Tim shares his journey to mindfulness, his ongoing practice in noticing his own inner conversation, and his commitment to mindfully planting seeds for the future and having the patience to watching them grow.

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Connecting Investors with the Hottest Startups May 9-11 in New York

TechCrunch Disrupt is the most anticipated tech event of the year, coming to New York this May 9-11. Join our community of entrepreneurs, investors and influencers at the most connected conference in New York. Come for the fireside chats with thought leaders and panels on hot tech topics, a stroll through Startup and Hardware Alley, and the iconic Startup Battlefield competition. Leave knowing you’re one step ahead of the future. Get $1000 off general admission, but hurry, prices will rise April 15th.

The Secret of Resilient People

Coschool founder Henry May on what he believes is the secret of resilient people. TL;DR - Support.

How Twitter Is Bringing Women Back Into Tech

The title’s pretty link-baity but this article really boils down to one important fact. Twitter wanted more women to attend their events, more female employs to represent Twitter, and ultimately more women working at Twitter. They’re doing it following one simple tactic: Asking.

All Hail Insecurity

“Almost all the greatest people I meet are insecure.” “Almost all the worst people I know are very secure.” “Insecurity is the best thing a person can possess. It is the thing that can make you relate to your other imperfect humans, make you strive to be better, and make you understand when others are flawed like you. And love them for it. And love yourself for being a person and not an idea.” Preach it, Elan. Preach. 

A bunch of VCs went on a retreat. Here’s what happened.

Last weekend Reboot hosted their first ever VC bootcamp. Steve Schlafman pulled together a list of his top takeaways from the weekend and it’s clear he was paying attention. Want to be a better employee, founder, board member and/or human? Great suggestions are found here. 

A Safe Space in Equanimity

Startup culture exalts speed above all else, but when speed supersedes all my values it comes at a high cost. Quite often my temper. Sharon Salzberg articulates the difference between reacting and responding via the state of equanimity. 

Good Bosses Create More Wellness than Wellness Plans Do

“So what leads to employee happiness? A workplace characterized by humanity. An organizational culture characterized by forgiveness, kindness, trust, respect, and inspiration. Hundreds of studies conducted by pioneers of positive organizational psychology, including Jane Dutton and Kim Cameron at the University of Michigan and Adam Grant at Wharton, demonstrate that a culture characterized by a positive work culture leads to improved employee loyalty, engagement, performance, creativity, and productivity.”

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