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June 05, 2015

I look forward to all of the announcements coming up next week at WWDC.  :)

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Lenovo Mobile Chief Liu Jun to Step Down


In the first quarter, Lenovo was the fifth-largest smartphone vendor in China with a 8.3% share, compared with a 10.2% share a year earlier when the company was the second-largest vendor.

What Twitter Can Be

Chris Sacca

So many users had turned off Faceboook mobile notifications that Messenger had no chance at immediacy within the main Facebook app. More notifications equals more use and attention, so a renewed notification setting would be great for Twitter.

India’s Micromax Churns Out Phones Like Fast Fashion


Micromax shipped more than 30 new smartphones last year ranging in price from $50 to more than $300—as well as a host of no-frills feature phones. 

On mobile, slow speeds kill


57% of mobile users and 72% of desktop users load within the first 8 seconds, and 12% and 8%, respectively, take longer than 20 seconds.

Facebook Lite Is A Stripped Down Android App For The Developing World


To work on any Android phone, regardless of storage space, RAM, and CPUTo load fast even on 2G mobile connections, which is what 4 billion people on earth are stuck withTo use as little data as possible, as the prohibitive cost of data plans is actually the largest barrier to Internet usage, not network access

T-Mobile Dish Deal could be Ultimate Marriage of Convenience


Dish's video business, which boasts 14 million subscribers does have some value for T-Mobile, since it would give the company a new revenue stream.

Pinterest announces 'buyable pins' in an effort to become an e-commerce giant


More than 2 million items will be available for purchase from the start. Pinterest's initial retail partners include Macy's, Nordstrom, and Neiman Marcus. Pinterest has not yet what cut it will take of transactions that take place on the service. The news comes on the same day that Instagram is adding "buy" buttons to ads.

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