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Collaborative Working Reading List

July 03, 2015

Wework is dominating the London scheme, Impact Hub San Fran talks about how they cultivate social change, and Coboat introduces a new way of work-travel. 
And a quick look at how old exec offices and coworking are learning from each other. 

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Anna Jagric

Anna Jagric - Finance Manager for Europe @ UP Global

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Coworking On A Boat!

Kira Newman -

Sail the world whilst working, Coboat offers all inclusive accommodation

WeWork Open Largest UK Coworkspace

Sam Shead - Tech World

WeWork are set to open the largest UK coworkspace in Moorgate, accommodating 3000 members. 

Coworking Takes On The Old School Office

James Richings - The Epoch Times

James talks about the growth of coworking in numbers, a few hard facts of change over the last decade. 

Social Impact is Curated Through Selection

Adele Peters - Fast Co-Exist

Impact Hub San Fran believes social change flourishes through their members all having a change agenda.

3 Emerging Trends in Office Space

Frank Chalupa - Huffington Post

Frank talks about three new trends across the two big space contenders. Executive offices and Coworking spaces are learning from the best of both worlds.  

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