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October 23, 2015

Are Fortune 500 companies snatching up government contracts that are supposed to go to small businesses? You might be surprised by this new article from Jason Rueger. From there, the AP’s Joyce Rosenberg faces the situation facing small businesses as the ACA expands to cover SMBs with 50-99 employees.

In a seasonal question, Kate Blair asks whether restaurants need to attend farmer’s markets in an article at the Groupon Merchant Blog. On the marketing side, Gee Ranasinha talks about narrowing your definition of your target customer, and Erik Emanuelli has some tricks that will help you boost web traffic without any intensive online marketing efforts. Enjoy.

Late edition: I published an article on local marketing ideas several weeks ago. Apparently, we missed a great resource. Instead of getting mad, the owner of the resource got "even," providing a marketing opportunity for both of us. Upset about not being included in a great industry article - follow this example:

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How Fortune 500 Companies Are Poaching Government Contracts from Small Businesses

Jason Rueger - Fit Small Business

Ever heard of Verizon, Chevron, AT&T, GE, and Coca-Cola? Believe it or not, these and 179 other Fortune 500 companies all received government contracts in 2014 that were supposed to be set aside for “small businesses.” In an economic environment that is already challenging for the small business owner, the last thing we need is another shady alliance between Corporate America and Washington D.C. Keep reading below to find out the shocking truth.

Crunch Time at Small Businesses as Health Care Demands Loom

Joyce Rosenberg - AP

 Companies with 50 to 99 full-time employees must offer affordable insurance to employees and their dependents starting Jan. 1. They must also file tax forms with the government by Jan. 31 detailing the cost of their coverage and the names and Social Security numbers of employees and their dependents. While companies of all sizes are subject to the law must file the forms, smaller businesses without big staffs to handle the paperwork may have to hire someone to do it — at a cost of hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Should Your Restaurant Be at Farmer’s Markets

Kate Blair - Groupon Merchant Blog

Farmer’s Market season is wrapping up, but believe it or not it’s time to start thinking about whether or not you might participate next summer. Restaurant and cafe businesses could gain a lot from maintaining a presence at the local farmer‘s market. However, it’s not the right choice for everyone. Could it work for your business?

“Everyone” Is Not Your Target Customer

Gee Ranasinha - Kexino Marketing Blog

For anyone involved in sales there’s a temptation to assume that if your target customer doesn’t “get” what your product or service is about, they’re stupid. The only way is your way. Or the highway. m“If only they could see the errors in their thinking,” you say to yourself, “they’d understand how great our product/service is! Why don’t they see the proposition in the way I do? Why aren’t they jumping up and down in sheer ecstasy, demanding that I take their money?” The fact is that there are any number of reasons why your customer doesn’t think your product is all that.

How to Double the Visits to Your Site Without Doing Internet Marketing

Erik Emanuelli - NoPassiveIncome

Perhaps you are investing a lot of time doing internet marketing, but you know that there are other strategies to double the visits to your site? Do not get me wrong, you will not have to stop what you are already doing to promote your site. In this post I’m going to present clear alternatives to online marketing techniques that you can effectively use to complement your existing strategy and increase your traffic.

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