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June 05, 2015

The latest news about growth and innovation within the enterprise space.

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Piston to power Cisco Intercloud

The Register

"Cisco is either dipping another tentative toe in the open cloud business, or about to Borg a potential competitor, announcing that it wants to buy cloud operating system company Piston Cloud Technologies."

IBM acquires Seattle cloud enterprise Blue Box

The Seattle Times

"Blue Box had raised $14 million in a Series B financing round earlier this year from a telecommunications provider, Voyager Capital and Founders Collective."

Xiaomi grabs chunk of world wearable device market


"The Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi sold 2.8 million wearable digital devices in the first quarter of 2015, giving it about a quarter share of the growing wearable computer market worldwide"

Google's Minor UI Update Is Solving The Biggest Problem On Smartphones Right Now

Fast Company

"Now on Tap. An extension of Google Now, you simply tap and hold the Home button inside any Android app, and a card appears on the bottom of your screen suggesting a number of apps that can help carry out the next thing Google thinks you want to do on your phone."

Microsoft WiFi will offer ‘hassle-free Internet’ to Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone users

Venture Beat

"The Microsoft WiFi app will be a cross-platform affair. Before it was pulled, we saw Microsoft WiFi app downloads links for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone."

Dish and T-Mobile said to be in early-stage merger talks


"A deal between the No. 2 satellite TV provider and No. 4 wireless provider would combine T-Mobile's 39 million customers with Dish's 13.8 million satellite TV customers and 591,000 Internet subscribers."

You Might Actually Want AMD's Latest Processor In Your Next Laptop


"To try and stand out from the crowd, AMD is promising two big changes: vastly better battery life over the previous generation, and powerful integrated graphics."

The Apple Watch To Control Volvo Cars

Morning News USA

Volvo, the Swedish automaker, recently announced that a big upgrade to the Volvo On Call system is under planning. It would bring few of the top features from from the iPhone to the Apple Watch.

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