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July 22, 2016

The latest IoT startups, investments, and trends.

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Resin Raises $9M to Build Tools for IoT Software Updates

Benjamin Romano - Xconomy

Article highlighting's $9M financing round. The article discusses the company's progress, intended use of funds, and a word from both the Director of GE Ventures and Resin's CEO.

Onion Brings Omega2: a $5 Linux Powered IoT Board

Selene Kyle - The Technews

An overview of Onion's latest campaign for their new IoT dev board. This article includes a background of the company, an overview of the Omega2 product, its tech specs, and Onion's Kickstarter video (look for the dry ice effects).

How the Internet of Things can Bring US Transportation and Infrastructure into the 21st Century


Senate hearing on the Internet of Things in networked transportation. Reducing container shipping port disruptions and municipal infrastructure asset monitoring are among the IoT applications discussed. Includes testimonies from representatives of the auto industry.

IoT Platform Provider Ayla Networks Announces $39 Million in Series C Financing

Colleen Martell - BusinessWire

Press release highlighting Ayla Network's series C financing. The release discusses Ayla's product positioning, intended use of funds, and quotes from both the co-lead investor and the CEO.

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