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July 15, 2016

This was a big week for AR. Pokémon Go has transplanted a robust imaginary universe onto, and into, our reality. It's been just over a week since the game was release in Australia, New Zealand, and the US; and mere days since its release in Germany and the UK. Already it has giving us a glimpse into an AR future society - one in which people spend record time exploring parks and national monuments, albeit while glued to their smartphones. Is Pokemon Go turning us into an unwitting government surveillance machine, or simply into kids again? (According to Vox, 40% of those who have downloaded Pokémon Go are 25 or older.)

The game has sent hunters to surprising, even sensitive places (hospital roomsbathrooms, cemeteries, memorials, and most bizarrely, Finland’s premier abandoned hot dog cart). Some hunters have found more than Pokemon waiting for them (dead bodies!) My award for gaming the game goes to the enterprising NYU grad who posted on Craigslist offering her assistance as a Pokemon trainer for $20/hr. Talk about a job most people have only ever dreamed of.  

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