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September 04, 2015

Aaaaaaaaand we're back. Thanks for your patience, I spent the last 3 weeks in SE Asia, first for the Techstars Community Summit in Kuala Lumpur (amazing), and then for a couple of weeks exploring.

I'm on my way back to Seattle for what should be a while now, so no more missing weeks. 

Question: If I set up a way for you to suggest articles, links, etc. Would you use it? I'd love to make collaborating easier and on the back-end, it is something we're talking about.

Hope you've had a great August, please enjoy this belated edition and welcome to September!


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Mitchell Cuevas

Mitchell Cuevas - Sr. Marketing Director at Techstars

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Tomorrow, Today. Connecting Investors with the Hottest Startups this September 21-23 in San Francisco.

TechCrunch Disrupt is the most anticipated tech event of the year coming to San Francisco this September 21-23. Come for the fireside chats and panels on hot tech topics with thought leaders (view the full agenda here), a stroll through Startup and Hardware Alley, and the iconic Startup Battlefield competition. Leave knowing you’re one step ahead of the future. #TCDisrupt Make sure you get your tickets!

Marketing Tech from Product Hunt - August

Mitchell Cuevas - Product Hunt

I kept track of *most* of the Marketing Technology or loosely related additions to Product Hunt this month and put them here on one board. Some really, really cool tools in there, check it out and give them some upvote love.

Growth Tools - A curated collection of growth hacking tools

@growthtoolsio - Growth Tools

Check out this interactive list of growth hacking tools!

Interactive content hits a milestone in The Great Content Wars

Scott Brinker -

What is the future of Interactive Content? “Interactive content” is content where the audience actively participates instead of just passively reading, watching, or listening. Interactive content includes things like quizzes, assessment tools, calculators, configurators, etc.

[eBook] Machine Learning is the Future of Email Marketing

Boomtrain - Boomtrain

Learn how machine learning and AI make today’s modern email marketers do so much more while dominating their competition.

“Think of Machine Intelligence much as you would think of raising a child: the goal is to create something that can make smart decisions when you’re not there.”

Don’t buy marketing technologies, build layers instead

Sam Melnick - Lattice Engines

The following is a guest post from Sam Melnick at Lattice Engines and a former analyst in IDC’s CMO Advisory Service. For all of the chatter of “marketing stacks” these days, Sam’s description of capability-specific “layers” is a more precise way to think about how to best implement marketing technology in context.

Marketers are about to make new friends — or not — with data scientists

Scott Valentine - VentureBeat

A long time researching and writing about the wild importance of data analytics on the future of the marketing profession has led me to an inescapable conclusion: Data scientists will soon take a lot of jobs away from marketers.

The rise of the marketing technologist

Julie May - The Tennessean

Nice breakdown of what makes a successful marketing 'mission'... This work can’t be done by a lone scientist. A marketing technologist must be a master collaborator, communicating with technicians, marketers and sales to make the mission successful. This spirit of collaboration should begin with the CIO and CMO, who must work together to be efficient with budgets and time — everyone has to be on the same team for the organization to be effective at finding prospects and converting them into customers.

Avoid these 10 Marketing Automation Rookie Mistakes

Oracle Staff - Oracle Marketing Cloud

10 rookie mistakes you need to avoid if you want to have any shot at implementing marketing automation properly for your company.

Marketing Ops' Next Frontier [New eBook]

David Crane - Integrate Blog

This eBook covers: Why inbound marketing alone can't produce the demand businesses require - How integrating and automating outbound demand generation programs leads to cleaner data, faster lead velocity, more visibility and greater sales pipeline - Ways to start making outbound more like inbound - What to look for in an outbound demand gen automation solution.

Bonus: Infographics, Workbooks, White Paper, Report

David Crane - Integrate Blog

Bonus - GOLD at the end of the last post regarding the Marketing Operations eBook, check these out: [Infographic] Causes and Consequences of Dirty Data - [Workbook] Creating a Marketing Tech Blueprint - [Research Report] Prospect Data Quality Index - [White Paper] Guide to Integrated Marketing Systems - [Customer Story] Five9 Increases Pipeline Value

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