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December 16, 2016

Next week, December 21, is the solstice. In the middle of this reflective time of year. This means that in the northern hemisphere we will have the shortest day of the year (and that as of the 22nd the days will be getting longer!). In the southern hemisphere it is the longest day of the year.  

There is something beautiful about using this as a conscious reset (plus, if you do it frees you up to have New Year's Eve for partying, or going to bed early).

As leaders there is always an opportunity to live more into our potential. A simple way to think about this is what do we want to do/feel/be MORE of and what has gotten in our way of doing so?  

As the days get longer, what is it that you want to be experiencing more of in your life? What can you let in? What skill, value or quality do you hope will increase slightly with each day that passes? The couple extra minutes of sunlight each day can mirror your slow and steady transformation.  

For those of you in the southern hemisphere -- As the days get shorter, what is it that you want to let go of? What has gotten in your way that you are hoping will dissipate as the nights ever-so-gradually grow longer? Perhaps a fear or a version of self doubt?

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A Harvard Psychologist says People Judge You Based on 2 Criteria When They First Meet You

Jenna Goudreau - Business Insider

After watching Amy Cuddy's TED talk you may be interested to learn more about her research and how it impacts your choices. This article provides an overview of two questions I hope you are asking yourself going into the new year: how do I generate trust? how can I build mutual respect?  

If you are looking for a new year's resolution you may consider choosing one word that describes the type of person you know you can be.  "Open", "Kind", "Present" are a few my clients have chosen. "Trust-worthy" and "Respectful" could lead to a powerful year.  

As you will read, your team, investors and others are scanning for these qualities. Dishing them out in authentic ways can lead to better relationships in all areas of life.

Stop Letting Quarterly Numbers Dictate Your Strategy

David Hersh - HBR

As you are in planning mode - either personally or professionally - PLEASE learn from the past. What is your pattern?  (or your team's pattern). There are three camps:

1. Overachievers (who chronically miss the target) -- you can take a quarterly plan from someone in this group and stretch it out over the year.
2.  Goldilocks -- those who can set SMART goals that are a motivating stretch yet achievable.  
3.  Underachievers -- you can take a quarterly plan from this group and get it done in a month.  

If your company seems to be getting off course, is slipping into reactive mode too often or is simply missing targets consistently, the data in this article will be worth referencing more than once.

Are you an empath?

Michelle Chalfant - Podcast

During the holidays it is amazing how much I notice people's moods shift.  For many, this is the best time of year. However, I find many of my clients struggle with maintaining their sense of self while spending long periods of time with extended family. If you fall into this second category, Michelle Chalfant's podcast is a treasure chest of resources of how to avoid slipping into old patterns. In this episode she specifically addresses the idea of taking on someone else's mood. While you may not do this, most families have someone that seems to be the barometer for the group. The same is true at the office. Understanding this phenomenon can do wonders for fueling compassion for anyone who falls into the "empath" category.

Your Body Language Shapes who You are

Amy Cuddy - TED

This TED talk is a classic. If you haven't seen it, it is definitely worth the time.  If you have seen it, perhaps you are ready for the refresher? She offers some short cuts to feeling more confident. Whether you are going into year-end negotiations, reviews, budget meetings or meeting your girlfriend's parents for the first me, these will be helpful.  

Reboot Your Year - Series of Emails - Guided Reflection

The general consensus that I have picked up on is that everyone is ready for 2017 to be a fabulous year. If you are ready to get a jumpstart on making it so, this 5-day series of guided reflection emails will serve as your facilitator.  

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