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February 19, 2016

Remember how NAPSTER caused a shit storm in the music industry in 1999? 

What do you think will happen to intellectual property when anyone can pirate PHYSICAL OBJECTS? 

The 'piratebay' or the 'napster' of physical objects is bound to come online in the future. 

Hell, someone is likely already working on it. This is going to be a natural by-product due to the ubiquity of 3D Printers.

Whether you agree with it or not, there will come a time when anyone on the planet is able to download and 3D Print anything (yes, this includes weapons). 

Are we ready for this from a legislative, legal standpoint? Not even close. 

Right now you can 3D Print the master keys to 300 million TSA Locks right in your living room -- all because a journalist made a minor mistake. (see below for link)

Something to ponder about.

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Quote of the week:

"...When automation frees all workers, we will be able to ask, “What was it I was thinking that fascinated me so, before I was told I had to do something else in order to make a living?.." - Buckminster Fuller, I Seem To Be A Verb (page 188A)

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3D Printed TSA Master Keys Leaked from a photograph

Bruce Schneier -

If you weren't aware of this screw up, you are in for a treat. Late last year, The Washington Post accidentally used a picture of the TSA Master Keys in one of their articles and guess what happened? Someone designed 3D Printable replicas of those master keys and released them on the internet.

Air quality toxicity and 3D Printing

UL -

I am not aware of any official studies done on indoor air quality due to 3D Printing, but knowing that UL and a bunch of universities are focusing on conducting research on that topic is indeed a confidence booster. Last thing I want to do is die from trying to print a bunch of plastic storm troopers. Although, having '3D Printer' for a 'cause of death' does contain some morbid humor.

When 3D Printing Goes Wrong


This is exactly how 3D Printing is supposed to NOT look like. What a horrendous scene. The whole scene looks like an amateur cook's poor attempt at modeling lasagna. Yuck. Hey, this is how real life goes sometimes - especially when you have decided to become an early adopter of 3D Printing.

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