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Venture Capital Reading List

June 12, 2015

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I'll be sharing latest articles and videos about trends in venture capital and insights from VCs about raising money and building startups.

Besides the weekly articles, I also encourage you to check out the Premoney conference (, which will be livestreamed on June 12th (9 AM to 6 PM Pacific). It's run by 500 Startups and they have some amazing speakers and topics lined up so make sure to tune into this conference on the future of venture capital.

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How To Get Funded [Slide Deck]

Alexander Jarvis - 50 Folds

"Many founders know they need to raise investment from venture capital and angel investors, but the how to go about it is unknown"

Startup Advising Is Broken — Here’s What We’re Doing to Fix It

First Round Capital

First Round Capital has come up with STAR ("Short-Term Advisory Relationships”) model and are launching First Round Expert Network to fix the frustrating and broken process of bringing advisors on board and getting the most value out of them. 

The Seeds Have Changed: An Epilogue

Manu Kumar - K9 Ventures

Manu Kumar explains how the early stage venture capital landscape has changed in terms of valuations, nomenclature of venture rounds and VC expectations.

Lessons From A Study of Perfect Pitch Decks

Kim-Mai Cutler - TechCrunch

VCs spend only 3 minutes, 44 seconds on average per startup slide deck and here are some tips (based on hard data) how to make the most out of a slide deck and fundraising process in general.

99 VC Problems But A Batch Ain’t One: Why Portfolio Size Matters For Returns

Dave McClure - 500 Startups

Dave McClure argues that most VC firms have too small portfolios, which could also be a reason why most VC funds fail to outperform the public market.

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