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July 01, 2016

This week: immigrant entrepreneurs realize their American Dream, a wearable for the autistic, and the role of wearables in changing our mindset about air pollution.

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Podcast Highlight: Billie Whitehouse on the Real Potential of Wearables


Named one of the 30 most influential women in tech under the age of 30, this episode of The Sophisticated Marketer's Podcast covers a discussion with Billie Whitehouse, co-founder of Wearable Experiments. Billie refuses to think about tech like an engineer. She has the sensibility of a punk designer and she’s determined that the future of wearables shouldn’t be about what they can do – but how they can make you feel.

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Hiral Sanghavi & Yoganshi Shah


This article describes the fascinating story of a husband and wife team that have raised over $11 million through crowdfunding just 30 months after moving to the US. Their original product was a travel jacket with more than a dozen features and this week they launched a new line of products capable of charging your favorite devices on-the-go!

This Wearable Monitors Signs of Distress in People with Autism

World Economic Forum

The Reveal band by Awake Labs monitors physiological signals such as heart rate, skin temperature and sweating, and alerts parents and caregivers via an app when a person’s anxiety levels are heightened, thus helping make meltdowns more manageable.

There's a 'Perfect Storm' at the Heart of Big Data


The growth of IoT and wearables means moral dilemmas for regulators. "We are facing a perfect storm," says Ross Woodham, Director for Legal Affairs and Privacy at Cogeco Peer 1. "With new technologies being developed, data being generated by personal devices at an exponential rate, and international security a global concern, it is no wonder legislators are struggling to get to grips with new issues and moral dilemmas."

Making Women Coders, One Wearable at a Time

SD Times

Sara Chipps, CEO of Jewelbots, has helped develop a programmable wearable device designed specifically for a new generation of girls who are excited and passionate about building, coding, and developing new technologies.

How Wearable Technology Could Change the Way We Think About Air Pollution

Washington Post

new report from the International Energy Agency is driving home, yet again, the immense importance of cutting down on pollution and protecting air quality worldwide. Some scientists and designers have turned to the power of innovative technology to raise awareness and save lives with the help of wearable pollution sensors. These sensors, while mostly not yet proven or available on a mass scale, may be coming sooner than you think.

WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2016

Wearable Technologies

Bay area readers, be sure to attend the Wearable Technologies Conference from July 12-13th in San Francisco. The entire wearable ecosystem including chip vendors, integrators, distributed networks, as well as network, product, and service solutions providers will be represented.

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